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Ten Years of Guild Wars

April 28th, 2005. A date that will forever bear meaning to the Guild Wars community. On that date, Guild Wars Prophecies officially launched, introducing millions of people around the globe to the world of Tyria for the first time. Now, an entire decade later, it’s simply astounding how far the franchise has come. ArenaNet apparently feels the same way, and on April 22nd, 2015, they released the first new content for the original Guild Wars since Wayfarer’s Reverie, in honor of the game’s ten year anniversary.

The content in question is actually very similar to the content released in Wayfarer’s Reverie, which was an event that honored the release of Guild Wars 2. At the end of the day, the only “new” pieces of content are the actual rewards, as the gameplay merely consists of revisiting missions from different regions all over Tyria, Elona, and Cantha. Upon completing a mission of their choice in each of twenty different ingame regions, players will receive a Proof of Legend. Players can receive one of these proofs per region per character. For a full list of regions, see this webpage.


PvPers also have a chance to earn some new rewards during this event. Those who have the skill and know-how to brave Hero’s Ascent, an 8-on-8 PvP tournament and Guild Wars’ most prestigious PvP game mode, will be able to earn Proofs of Steel there. These can be traded to collectors for rewards. Furthermore, players with Zaishen Keys will be able to earn a Blessing of War every 25th time they open the Zaishen Chest, which can be applied toward the new rewards.

There are two new weapon sets on the table for rewards. One is the Decade Set, which is a set of unique quality weapons that can be bought for five Proofs of Legend from the Ancient Anniversary Weaponsmith in Embark Beach. This NPC will also trade you a Blessing of War for an equal amount of Proofs, which can then be taken to the Isle of the Nameless and exchanged with the collectors there for a weapon from the brand new Balthazar weapon set. While the weapons in the Decade Set feature pre-existing skins, the Balthazar weapons are completely fresh, new assets.

Balthazar’s Shield, the shield from the new Balthazar weapon set.

This content will be active for two weeks, from April 22nd to May 6th. So what are you waiting for? Go relive your favorite moments from Tyria’s history, and prove that you too are legend! No, seriously, go. Now!

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