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That Old College Try | ArenaNet Blog

Ree Soesbee rounds off Asura Week with everything you’d expect and more. There’s fiction and lore exploring all facets of asuran society and culture, from their history to the colleges to the Inquest.

Although not actually a college, the Inquest is the largest krewe in asuran culture, and is a relatively new organization.

Where traditional asura training goes through an apprenticeship at one of the three colleges, the Inquest has begun a system of corporate training that is structured rather like a series of progressive aptitude tests. When an asura can pass a test, she is immediately given the next, and her clearance among the Inquest is upgraded accordingly. This leads to a great deal of cheating, of course—both for and against the aspirants.

Asura Week may be over, but it’s ended with a bang—hopefully a bang that will leave your workshop somewhat intact.


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