The Bare Bones – The Basics of the Necromancer


My name is R.J., also known as Grin14 around Guildmag. Why is this important to you? I suppose in the grand scheme of things it isn’t. But, I am excited to announce that Guildmag is now publishing bi-weekly columns about various professions and aspects of Guild Wars 2.   I was lucky enough to get an early chance to jump on this opportunity and write one of these columns. I was even more fortunate when I managed to seize my favorite profession in my jaws.

Charr jaws that is.

My character is a charr.

And what profession am I going to be discussing in my column? The necromancer!

Every two weeks, I’m going to be bringing you the latest news and tips about our beloved pet-summoning, condition-inducing, life-stealing, death-cheating profession. These tips and tricks will, hopefully, provide you with some useful insights to the necromancer and make for some fun reading while helping out anyone who chooses to play one. And if you choose to not play a necro, my column may just give you that little bit of insight you need to crush one. (Good luck with that by the way, all you non-necro players. =D)

So, why would I play necromancer? For several  reasons. First, the synergy and adaptability this profession has is incredible. No matter what your talent tree picks and skill slot choices, the necromancer class can work. I have several builds (one of which I will share with you later in this article) I use in varying situations, and all work very well. Secondly, they are very user friendly. A new MMORPG player could play the necromancer and have a fun time exploring and learning new mechanics due to the large number of pets the necromancer can have. Meanwhile, a more skilled player could hop on and become a condition-inducing machine and never use a single pet. Finally, the necromancer has some great-looking skill animations and fun abilities. There is nothing quite like turning yourself into a ball of blinding smoke and charging into a hoard of invaders in WvW and watching as they can’t hit you or any of your allies.

Now, before I get into my build, I want to discuss some basics of the necromancer. I am going to cover some pretty basic information here, so if you already know a lot about the necromancer, this may seem like a recap.

First off, pets. Most necros you will see use them. They are distinct and easily noticeable. They make leveling incredibly easy and are an excellent choice for use in the small pvp battles. Pet skills occupy your 6-0 slots on your hot bar and allow for a maximum of five pets. Once each pet is summoned, it gains a special ability that is usable by pressing the same button that summoned it. Should a pet die, it can be re-summoned after the ability has cooled down.

Second are Wells. These are large, area-of-effect utility skills that induce various conditions on those inside of them. Some heal and buff allies, while others poison and blind enemies. These abilities are more useful for WvW than pets. If you plan on waging war across the planes, I highly recommend using wells in combination with a staff to gain large AOE control and damage. I will discuss my Well WvW build next column in detail, but if you want to play one now, I highly recommend you take “Focused Rituals

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