The Bare Bones – The Joys of Jumping

When I started writing this article, I had no idea what I was going to write about,  Between time with the family and the overtime crunch I had to pull at work, my free time, and therefore time with Guild Wars 2, vanished.  I didn’t have the normal preparation time I have when I normally write these articles.

In a desperate bid for ideas, I began scouring my phone’s internet for ideas and prompts.  I hunted high and low for something to ignite my fire.  I found several good ideas but nothing that got me going.  Then I started thinking and began to get frustrated.  It’s like I was jumping through hoops.

And then I smiled and shrugged and thought back on the first time I ever did the jumping puzzle inside The Eternal Battlegrounds.  You know THE jumping puzzle.  Complete with dark room and griefing.  Never before have I gotten so frustrated and yet felt so rewarded with a part of an MMO that didn’t include fighting or exploration.  It was platforming; something I had never had never payed much attention to in games. But after doing that first jumping puzzle, I became hooked. I thought it was a blast and I think that more MMO’s need to include puzzles like this.  It gave my friends and me hours of frustrated amusement as we attempted to find and conquer the many hidden challenges the geniuses at Arenanet had hidden away.  It was a really awesome alternative to combat or questing.

Now, I haven’t forgotten that this is a necromancer column so I figured I would add a few helpful tips when attempting jumping puzzles while playing as the necromancer profession.

Tip #1 Use the Well spec. Necromancer pets are a nuisance while trying to make well-timed jumps and, depending on the puzzle you attempt, can get you killed or knocked off a pillar if they pull an enemy.

Tip #2 Make sure you have the dagger equipped in your main hand and the horn in your off hand.  The horn’s speed buff ability “Plague Swarm

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