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The Bazaar of the Four Winds Features

Next week will see the arrival of plenty of air-themed features to Guild Wars 2. No, you’ll not be able to fly with your own character, but you will be able to discover the Zephyr Sanctum, a mystical, flying trade-ship. You can participate in two new mini games: Belcher’s Buff, a permanent drinking contest which also features PvP, and Sanctum Sprint, a race in which you’ll need to navigate through a dizzying obstacle course.

Other features include a new scavenger hunt for three unique elemental Aspect Backpieces, a new node resource: Quartz, an improved achievement system which now rewards you for your achievements, a new PvP map: Skyhammer (see the video below) and a new WvW ability line: World vs. World Build and Repair Mastery.

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