The End of an Era Party

It’s almost time to say goodbye to Guild Wars, now that Guild Wars 2 is less than a week from headstart. MalibuBarbie and the GW-EN Krewe are throwing a party to mark the end of an era:

Hello Everyone!

As the launch of Guild Wars 2 approaches…myself and the GW-EN Krewe were approached about having a party in GW 1 to celebrate good times from the past and celebration of the future in Guild Wars 2. With that — we decided to have a party where it all began…

Ascalon City!

So join us in Ascalon City International 1 (More districts will be attended to as the need rises) as we celebrate our future with the Guild Wars Community!

The event will be from 12pm-3pm Central (-6 GMT) (or longer if need be )

August 18th


Several Districts will be hosted by a variety of groups and individuals from the community.

Check out the Guild Wars Guru post for more info!

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