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GuildMag: The End of the Line

Dear reader,

Today marks the last day that GuildMag will be publishing. After an incredible journey of over 9 years, we have decided that the time has come to close the book on our humble Guild Wars 2 magazine.

What started as a small operation led by Dutch Sunshine (AKA Ollannach) in 2010 has grown over the lifetime of Guild Wars 2 to an international operation where we’ve been able to raise money for some amazing charities through our annual physical magazines. Throughout that period we’ve continued to produce our trademark free digital magazines in one format or another, and we’ve also delved into the worlds of podcasting, Twitch streaming and other forms of web-based content. A handful of our members have had opportunities to meet the developers at ArenaNet on numerous occasions, and for the last few years we’ve been proud to call ourselves an official ArenaNet Partner. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at ArenaNet (past and present!) who has supported GuildMag over the site’s lifetime, with special mentions to Gaile Gray and Stéphanie Bourguet – you both rock!

Just as important, however, has been you. To everyone who has supported our site by engaging with our content, thank you from the bottom of my heart. A staggering amount of unseen work goes into every piece of content we produce, whether that be a single article, entire magazine, podcast episode or a marathon stream event, and while the team behind GuildMag has always loved what we do, it’s a fantastic reward to see it enjoyed by the community. It’s scary to think about how many hours have been poured into this project, and I often used to joke about GuildMag being like having a full-time job, but it’s your support which has made it all worthwhile. Never stop supporting content creators you love!

Although I didn’t found GuildMag, I have been part of almost all of its journey. I joined as a copyeditor in November 2010, a relatively shy and nervous 16 year-old looking for a new community to be part of. I’ll always remember the team being extremely welcoming and supportive, and I was quickly involved in contributing to articles that our early readers loved – it felt great. In 2012 I became an administrator alongside Ollannach and two years later I took over all administrator responsibilities when he stepped down. That year marked a dramatic change for GuildMag where we very quickly adopted a much more modern way of doing things, and the look of our magazines changed forever. For the past 5 years, our magazines have been evolving constantly, with the Annual 2018 being a culmination of our collective experience at what we do best – and I genuinely believe it’s the best GuildMag magazine to be produced.

This year I’ll be 25. That’s a long time to be part of a project like GuildMag. For me, I’ve known that the GuildMag Annual 2018 would be my swansong for the last 18 months or so as my time as a student neared its end and the reality of balancing a full-time job and GuildMag became apparent. Being part of this amazing site has given me opportunities to learn a plethora of new skills, grow in confidence and meet a whole range of new people, and I doubt I’ll ever do anything like this again – it’s been far more than ‘just’ a fan-made magazine. While we’ve attempted to find a new administrator to take over all my responsibilities, as a team we’ve decided that it just isn’t viable. We didn’t feel confident that a new set of administrators could maintain the quality standards that we’ve set ourselves, so we’re instead going out on a resounding high note with the Annual 2018.

With that said, the team isn’t done producing content. Although GuildMag is ending, many of the team behind it have decided to continue under a new name and new site. While we can’t share any details of this just yet, stay tuned for an announcement on our social media profiles after the end of Season 4.

While we’re on the subject of our team, it almost goes without saying that I’d like to personally thank every single person who is currently, or has ever been, part of this amazing group of people. It hasn’t always been easy – especially when deadlines are approaching! – but I hope that it’s always remained fun and that you’ve always felt welcome and valued. You’ve produced some amazing things that have been enjoyed by people all over the world, and I hope that you’ve learned some new skills and grown as a person like I have along the way.

Finally, then, we couldn’t just leave with a single blog post. Before last year’s Annual we had planned another magazine themed around the concept of death in Tyria, but this was pushed back to ensure we delivered the Annual on time. We’ve decided to release these articles to our website as our very final goodbye, so please do give them a read. You’ll find a list of the published articles below – enjoy! We’ll be keeping the site online for the foreseeable future, so the content isn’t going anywhere just yet!

And that brings us to the close. While this is the end for GuildMag, I sincerely hope that content creators continue to stick with Guild Wars 2 and support the great MMO that it is, and that as a playerbase we continue to enable those creators to do what they love. It really does enrich the community. From myself and our entire team, goodbye.

GuildMag: Issue 24 – The Unpublished Farewell Edition

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