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Episode 17 | The Euro Show!

Sup guys,
Episode 17 of the GuildMag LIVE Podcast is going to be a special Saturday show.  We will air this Saturday, December 11, at 10:00 AM EST | 3:00 PM GMT.
This allows all of our dedicated European fans the chance to tune in live.  Thus, I hereby dub this episode…

The Euro Show!

Topics of discussion shall include:

  • Malchior wins a machinima contest
  • Guild Wars 2 Skill Design Contest winners | GuildFans
  • Predictions with Wintersday and Hearts of the North
  • Izari covers a Guild Wars android app on her shiny new phone (Maybe cover future GW 2 phone and web app)
  • Details for Rudi’s Quest | GuildMag
  • GuildMag Issue 5 Sneak Preview – Frigid Times
  • [*]Trivia of the Week
  • Q&As (Sabre says he has a LOT this week!)

Oh yes, it promises to be a fun weekend, and the GuildMag PodCast is here to get your weekend started off right!  See you LIVE! :D

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