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The Future of GuildMag

The time has come to unveil our plans for the future. Whether you’ve been with us from the beginning or just discovered us yesterday, we’ll have something coming for you that you’ll surely enjoy. We at GuildMag want to keep you up to date on the latest news, share the lore behind the game, let you see how creative the community is and also give a range of opinions on the latest news and hottest topics. But we also want to involve you in this; we’re not here to tell you what’s great about Guild Wars (2) – chances are you’ve already got your own opinions on it and we want to hear them! We’re changing the way we operate as a fansite for good, and we want you there every step of the way. So no matter when you discovered us, let’s go forward together and build upon what we’ve already achieved. This is our story.

A few months ago we announced via our Twitter that our podcast would see a reboot, and I’m happy to announce now that we’ve made a lot of progress on this the past few weeks. I can now reveal that our newest podcast, renamed Dynamically Spoken, will be hosted by Valiant, Pamelakd and… you! We want to give everyone the opportunity to become a guest speaker on the podcast, simply by sending in a recording telling us why you want to be on our show, and what you want to talk about. Our first episode of the podcast will launch in the next three weeks, so stay tuned and keep an eye on our twitter (

Before I continue explaining what other changes will be happening to our own site, I’d like to announce our first sister site: Once running, this site will not only be translating some of our articles into Spanish, but will also be posting their own coverage and blogs on hot topics within the community. We were proud to see that the folks behind this website (Lognar, Impe and Manin), had been translating quite a few of our articles since back in November 2010, and therefore figured it was suited to start an official partnership together. More on our sister site in a later post!

Getting back to our .com site, aside from the return of our podcast, you’ll also see an increase in our overall front page activity. We will also be starting with weekly blogs, next to Littleboat, whom will be posting a new editorial about the latest news and happenings, we figured we can do more than that; that’s why we will also begin sharing a new lore article each week from one of our many in-house lore buffs (Draxynnic, Konig and Thalador) in which we will cover all the facts and more on the story behind the game. Soon we will also going to publishing some of our fan fiction on our front page each week, so that you don’t have to wait a whole two months to read the next chapter of your favourite stories. Aside of these things, we are also planning to put a spotlight on guilds and fansites which are starting to form in anticipation of the upcoming Guild Wars 2 Public Beta Events and the ever-approaching release!

This, alongside with our weekly ‘This week in Guild Wars 2 official and community news roundups (by Raphia Naon), will offer plenty to keep yourself busy during the coming weeks, months and eventually years as we all look forward to the release of Guild Wars 2 and beyond.

Finally, a word on our magazine (after all, it equates to half of our name!). Over the past few months, the GuildMag team has been in discussion about the best way forward, and now is the time to share this information with everyone as we deem it important for those of you who eagerly anticipate our next issue. As you may have noticed with our latest issue, it took a while to come together and we weren’t able to complete it within our usual timeframe. We didn’t want to release the issue until it was ready; we deem its quality more important than rushing it through. This is why that from now on, our magazines will be published in 6-month cycles and the bulk of our content will move to the website, along with a shiny new design in the months ahead. Whilst this may seem a huge gap between issues for some, this timeframe gives the GuildMag team more freedom to write quality content, and we will continue to assess the situation to see if more regularly issues are viable. Until then, however, you can expect the next issue of our magazine to be released around June, and in fact production has already begun on it!

There you have it, this is the future of GuildMag and I hope that you’re as excited to see it all go live over the next few weeks as we are!

If after reading this you’re interested in becoming part of the growing GuildMag team, we’re always looking for new writers, editors and artists/designers for our site! Head over to our ‘join’ page to send us an email!


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