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The Guardian profession announced!

Since the release of  the latest Guild Wars novel: Edge of Destiny, the speculation on the name of the next profession being ‘Guardian’, originally fan-dubbed ‘The Blue Mace Lady’ or BML for short, has been quite strong. It was not that big of a surprise then, when PCGamer included a quote on the picture below:

Logan Thackeray represents the Guardian profession in GW2

PCGamer’s Josh later clarified:

Just to clarify (I’m the author of the GW2 article), we were given the image by NCSoft PR and given permission to run the image and confirm that it was Logan Thackeray, a Guardian profession-character, in this article at this time.

I even double-checked with them last week to make sure that it was okay to post it now, and they confirmed that it was.

IMPORTANT: I do not know anything beyond that. Whether this is the profession that ArenaNet said they would be revealing in January, or how the Guardian class plays or any details about it, or when ArenaNet is planning to reveal more information. All I know is that Logan Thackeray is a Guardian, which will be a profession, and that he’s the man in that image.

And ArenaNet’s Community Manager Regina Buenaobra came in to keep us from holding our breath with the following comment:
Glad you’re excited. :-) We’re excited as well. No need to kill your F5 keys over the weekend. We will have a full reveal of the guardian, along with all the goodies (pics, videos), next Thursday. :-)
So that’s it for today, but be sure to check back next thursday for our opinion on the latest profession reveal!
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