The GuildMag Podcast: Episode 29 – Where are our raids??

The GuildMag Podcast is back with a new look and new co-hosts.  Joining Valiant now are Sandra (a.k.a Miko), our content manager, and Aaron, one of our fabulous writers.  This week the team discuss their reaction to ArenaNet’s TwitchCon presence and the latest Guild Wars 2 news: Beta Weekend 3, the druid, and raids!  We’ve also got the latest Gem Store news and more!

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Show Notes

  • The Gem Store has a few previous Halloween items available in preparation for the return of Halloween later this month!  The Lich outfit is back and Halloween weapon skins are also available for two Black Lion Tickets – get them while you can or pay a lot of gold for the skins on the Trading Post.
  • ArenaNet was at TwitchCon last weekend and ArenaNet TV debuted bringing with it lots of news on raids, the druid elite specialization, music, food and more!
  • The Enhanced Squad UI came in to help commanders and raiding parties and, sadly, broke the game and forced the devs to take raids offline for most of the beta weekend.
  • When raids were available, some guilds and pugs got in and shared their footage.  We discuss the Ethereal Guardians‘ helpful video and talk about how this first part of the first raid wing seems to be playing.
  • Valiant, a healing class raider in other MMOs, takes a special look at druid to see where this spec will fit in raids and how GW2 players might start thinking about the druid.  Aaron revisits his thoughts on the druid from early last week and expands on how the specialization actually plays.  Where will druids be the most useful?
  • Will raids see the introduction of third-party DPS meters? How might ArenaNet respond and how can they stop the community from creating these when raids in MMOs typically have DPS checks?
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