The GuildMag Podcast: Episode 30 – Sexy Legendaries & HoT Hype!

In this week’s GuildMag Podcast, the team deals with being super excited about Heart of Thorns!  With the expansion just days from launch, Valiant, Aaron, and Miko discuss the new legendaries revealed, the new action camera, and what they are most looking forward to in the expansion.  We’ve also got the latest Gem Store news and more!

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Show Notes

  • The Gem Store has more Halloween items available!  The Excutioner’s, Bloody Prince, and Witch outfits are back, as are Halloween minis, finishers, and gathering tools.
  • The Guild Wars community has shown its heart once again by raising money to thank the ArenaNet devs for all their hard work and to raise more than the target goal for this year’s Pink Day in LA.
  • More balancing  news is out on the new elite specializations and Valiant takes a look at what the druid’s tweaks may mean to the spec and to the healing power stat in the game.
  • The sexy new legendaries have us each excited for different reasons.  Seeing them in action in this week’s Guild Chat won us over and we’re excited to take on the new journeys towards them.
  • Economy news also came out this week and with it information about how ArenaNet will focus on making Fractals and raids loot more lucrative than dungeon liquid rewards.  This brought up some differing opinions in the community!
  • The action camera setting is shipping with Heart of Thorns bringing an end to your characters killing things you really don’t want to attack!  This is welcome news and we are hyped!
  • Guild Wars 2 PvP got a huge boost this week with ArenaNet’s partnership with ESL. We may not be PvPers but we can’t deny this is good news for Guild Wars 2 eSports.
  • Lore news about the Exalted also made the news.  With new details about who they are, how they connect with the Forgotten, and what we may learn, lore hounds should be happy about leveling up the Exalted Mastery line.
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