The GuildMag Podcast: Episode 32 – Jungle Shinies

In this week’s GuildMag Podcast, Valiant was back on hosting duties and Aaron was back after last week’s break.  We discussed where our travels in Heart of Thorns have taken us, and talked about the continuing saga of Mastery leveling, hero challenges and map meta events.  We’ve also got the latest Gem Store news and more! Valiant’s shiny new Internet decided to interrupt the show towards the end; our apologies!

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Show Notes

  • The Gem Store has more Halloween-themed items including the Lunatic Guard outfit, Ghoul Backpack, and mad King’s Dye.  The Black and White Wings are back, this time in a backpack + glider wings combo pack!
  • ArenaNet began to iterate on the Heart of Thorns expansion this week, lowering the hero point cost to 250 in order to completely train elite specialisations.  Having been fine with the original 400 hero point cost, we have mixed feelings about this change.  Megaserver population and Adventures accessibility were also addressed in this first iteration change.
  • ArenaNet also announced that some hero points challenges were having their locations changed and their Mastery gating removed.  Is this a good thing for the game? The community have had mixed responses as shown by this lively conversation on reddit.
  • Heart of Thorns maps are filled with different gameplay challenges than the base game maps and we’ve been having a blast.  Auric Basin’s meta event has been fun and clearly builds on encounter mechanics ArenaNet have refined from Living World Seasons 1 and 2.  The voice acting throughout the expansion open world and story also feels much stronger and more engaging.
  • Mastery leveling continues to prove another challenge for players.  Does it feel too grindy? Do we get enough fireworks when we finish leveling a tier?  A handy Mastery leveling guide is available on reddit here.
  • Valiant’s Internet died at the end of the show so we’ll see you next week!  If you join us live, we’ll be starting a postshow Q&A with our Twitch audience which should be fun!  See you there!
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