The GuildMag Podcast – Episode 34: Challenging Content Ahoy!

Fractal changes and raids are coming into Guild Wars 2 and we discuss what we think of it! We’ve got Gem Store, community, and game news as usual and then talk about different challenging content that’s available, how Fractal rewards will be changing, and what we’re expecting from raids.

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Show Notes

  • The Gem Store has Lyssa’s Regalia outfit and gathering flutes for sale.  You can see both over at dulfy.net.
  • There’s a 20% off sale happening in the Gem Store now until November 20; a list of all items that are on sale can be found here.
  • Secret Toymaker is back and signups are now open. This is a Secret Santa in-game gift exchange to take place during Wintersday.  Details, FAQ and sign-up info available at http://secrettoymaker.com/.
  • The map rewards bug, causing players not to earn their map completion rewards, is getting fixed.
  • HoT’s final story encounter is available in a hard/extreme mode; is this optional mode a good way to have the “final dungeon”’s “story” mode replayable?
  • Fractal rewards changes are coming to the game.  These look like welcome changes and will hopefully make playing rewards feel more rewarding to players.
  • HoT maps are leaving many players frustrated by diminishing rewards the longer you play in a map, or because of losing map participation progress after choosing to move to a higher population map or because of client crashes.
  • The Spirit Vale raid wing is coming November 17 and, with it, specific rewards including legendary armor, and some damage and enemy type restrictions.
  • GuildMag is forming two raid groups, the first to be a group for hard-core or experienced raid players, and the second for more casual players who want to learn the raid in a less-intense, less-pressurized group.  If you’re interested in taking part in either group, leave a reply in our recruiting thread on the official forums or send Valiant a message on Twitter or via email.
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