The GuildMag Podcast – Episode 50: Season 3 Speculation

The podcast is back! After some months hiatus, Valiant and Aaron tackle Living World Season 3 speculation. Will the start of the new season live up to the hype? What questions will finally be answered? The guys share what they hope the new Living World chapter will add to Guild Wars 2‘s story.  As usual, we’ve got Gem Store news – there are a lot of sales happening!  The podcast will move to Thursdays beginning with episode 51 (28 July) at the same time – 1pm PDT // 8pm GMT

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Show Notes

  • It’s Techno Week at the Black Lion Trading Company!  The Glide-r-Tron Glider is available for 500 gems, and it has a dyeable smoke/exhaust trail!  Other items on sale (20% off): Replica Job-o-Tron Backpack; Mini Scruffy; Golem Banker; Mine-r-Tron/Log-r-Tron etc etc
  • How about that Season 3 Episode 1 trailer?  So that raid story looks like it may have been more important than we thought!
  • What will a human-centric story involving the White Mantle mean for the other races? Why will they care with crazy magic things happening elsewhere?
  • Story blog posts have returned and Taimi’s Journal has revealed some interesting things (Part One, Part Two, Part Three).  What will the Rata Sum asura do now that Rata Novus has been found?  Could these be hinting that Kralkatorrik will be next or could this be a red herring?
  • An Interview with Queen Jennah was also published which seemed to show the Queen trying to reassure her subjects, while also revealing that she’s not in as close contact with Logan than we might have assumed she’d be.  Is this really believable? Is Logan the next Destiny’s Edge member we could lose? Will Divinity’s Reach go the way of old Lion’s Arch?
  • Should we be getting lore things like this out of the game again? Would they be better off in-game?
  • Revenge of the Capricorn PvP map is coming back! And, what’s this? Old Lion’s Arch?!
  • On, our lore guru Draxynnic has more in-depth Season 3 speculation in a three-part series: White Mantle; Dragons & Magic; Sylvari & the Iconics
  • We’ll be streaming Season 3 Episode 1 on Tuesday, fractals on Wednesday, and the podcast on Thursday. No Level Up! stream this week though; Valiant misspoke on the live show.