The GuildMag Podcast – Episode 51: Out of the Shadows Reactions

Out of the Shadows is live! MMOINKS and RunJumpStomp join us on this mammoth episode to discuss everything that came with the latest release. From the White Mantle and Bloodstone Fen, to the new Chaos Isles fractal and Revenge of the Capricorn PvP map, we cover everything in this 2 hour special.

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Show Notes

  • Gem store news: Introducing the Verdant Executor outfit (awesome for covering up ugly norn druids!), plus Shining Blade backpack/glider combo. New Embellished weapons and cross-race hair choices also make their way into the game; we give our thoughts on them.
  • The 15th Community Showcase aired this week, featuring this awesome musical piece by Thornheart titled “Farewell to the Firstborn” – give it a listen!
  • Out of the Shadows story time: we delve into each of the story steps and explore the lore and characters featured throughout. Aaron picks apart the lore of Lazarus and the White Mantle from the original Guild Wars trilogy.
  • MMOINKS shares a theory about the mysterious asura in the new Chaos Isles fractal – who is he, and what will happen in the new fractal story arc?
  • RunJumpStomp discusses the importance of Primordus, and we explore the possibility of going after more than one Elder Dragon next.