The GuildMag Podcast: Episode 52 – Out of the Shadows, One Week Later

The GuildMag Podcast team is back together to talk about the news of the week, and assess how Out of the Shadows and Bloodstone Fen are holding up one week later. This is a fun new zone and we take on what we’re enjoying and hoping to see later in Living World Season 3.  A note on the audio synching issues, Twitch has been having problems in this area all week and we hope this will be fixed soon.

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Show Notes

  • Gem store news: Lord Caudecus’s weapons are now available – a sword and pistol – for 600 gems each.  The Noble’s Folly Pass is now available and, like its cousins the Royal Terrace Pass and Airship Captain’s Pass, grants access to a special crafting and commerce area, this time in an instanced area of Verdant Brink.
  • In community news, that_shaman data-mined Marjory Delaqua’s outfit and a Mursaat backpack. They look pretty cool!
  • Caerphoto on reddit put the Bloodstone Fen story journals in order in an easy to read format – thank you!  Direct link:
  • In game account security news, ArenaNet Communications Manager Gaile Gray had her Guild Wars account hacked.  Mike O’Brien posted to the official forums to confirm and clarify what had happened.  While Gaile’s Guild Wars 2 account was not compromised because she has two -factor authentication activated, the hacker was able to gain access from a customer support agent who apparently did not follow security protocols, according to MO.
  • Guild Wars 2 now has technology to help try to recover deleted characters!  The more recent the deletion, the higher the probability that they can recover your character data.  This technology cannot, however, recover long deleted characters.
  • We talk a bit more about our impressions of Out of the Shadows, Episode 1 of Living World Season 3, now that Miko’s back this week.
  • We’re enjoying Bloodstone Fen and discuss what the map does well, what’s giving us trouble, and what fun things we’re discovering!
  • GuildMag is starting a raid learning group! If you’re interested in learning and have no or a little experience raiding, or if you’re experienced and want to help teach, fill out the application here: