The GuildMag Podcast: Episode 53 – Season 3 Speculation

Season 3 speculation and all the latest Guild Wars 2 news are the topics in the latest episode of the GuildMag Podcast! What’s with all the bloodstone crazed things and where might the bloodstone story breadcrumbs be leading us?

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Show Notes

  • A  handful of QoL changes came in with the 9 August patch: Bug fixes to Chaos/Swamp/Snowblind fractals. Tequatl’s watery grave is now available upon its defeat for 15 minutes for those that need it for collections/achievements.
  • New Current Events content is now in-game. Why? Because “Bloodstone slivers have scattered across Tyria.”
  • It carries two new achievements: Bloodstone Harvest & Bloodstone Sightings. Spot & kill bloodstone-crazed creatures across maps, plus find additional bloodstone slivers.
  • A creatures guide + timer link is available here:
  • Dulfy also has an achievement guide:
  • The achievement reward for completion is the Bloodstone Visage Helm which looks kinda cool!
  • Raid Wing 3 was broken by this patch but is now open.
  • In the Gem Store: new Bloodstone dye kit – bloodstone-inspired reds/deep purples – gallery at dulfy:;Toxic Gloves & Toxic Mantle skins on sale (320 gems/each), and the Chainwhip Sword skin is also newly available.
  • that_shaman also datamined anniversary backpacks and some Guild Wars nostalgia weapons: the Envoy staff and STORMBOW!!!
  • In community news, 4th anniversary celebrations are happening on Twitter and are being planned for the end of the month.  On 26th August, a celebratory livestream is planned and a community event will happen at PAX West on 2nd September. Tickets are being awarded randomly to players who put their name down – info in forum post
  • Our speculation covers the rest of the show and tackles such ideas as: Braham finding a way to bring Jormag in and set up a multiple-front war against the dragons; Primordus’ world reach similar to Mordremoth; the Depths of Tyria making a possible return; what might we learn from the dwarves?; and more!
  • GuildMag is starting a raid learning group! If you’re interested in learning and have no or a little experience raiding, or if you’re experienced and want to help teach, fill out the application here: