The GuildMag Podcast: Episode 55 – Seis is Moving!

Valiant and Aaron returned to the show this week and the trio spent time reminiscing about the Guild Wars 2 anniversary and the new Current Events progress!  As always, we also cover the week’s Gem Store and community news, and a whole lot more!

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Show Notes

  • A small patch came out this week and fixed an issue where 5+ players couldn’t be in a guild hall at a time.
  • The “Tremors are coming from the north” Current Events continues and Seis Burnheart is moving! At show time, she’d moved to Lornar’s Pass and left Elemental Sprites behind in Frostgorge Sound and Snowden Drifts.
  • It’s Royal Week at the Black Lion Trading Company and the Gem Store has tje Amethyst Aegis Shield skin for a limited time; the Shattered Bloodstone Circlet (which is dyeable); and Mini Jungle Lord Faren. Sale items include: The Royal Terrace Pass, Exemplar Attire and Noble Count Outfits, Lord Faren’s Rapier, Mini Golden Pig, Magic Carpet travel toy, Banker Golem, Mist Herald Backpack skin, and Total Makeover Kit are all 20% off this week. Mask of the Queen has returned to the store, and Mini Southsun Faren is still available for 5 Black Lion Miniature Claim Tickets.
  •  Spanish fansite Mundogame‘s giveaway/contest to celebrate the 4th anniversary has reached its 10k ectoplasm contribution minimum and the contest has been extended for one month until 28 September. ArenaNet and many community fansites and personalities are sponsoring prizes. Click on the “English” tabs to switch to a translation of the rules and details.
  • Guild Chat’s Anniversary Edition offered a fun retrospective by the devs reminiscing about the last four years in Guild Wars 2 from festivals to the Living World and more.
  • Community ArenaNet Partners contributed to a special anniversary video reminiscing about their favorite moments and experiences these past four years.
  • Tyrian Travels, Chapter One appeared on the Guild Wars 2 blog this week featuring an asura, Vikki, and her trust pink moa, Momo. The character and her backstory was created by Leah Hoyer and Ross Bessley of the narrative team at their panel at MomoCon earlier this year.
  • GuildMag’s learning raid group began raiding last week and Miko and Aaron share their initial impressions of taking on Vale Guardian as newbie raiders.