The GuildMag Podcast: Episode 56 – We’re Going to the Ring of Fire!

It’s official! Episode 2 of Guild Wars 2’s Living World Season 3 is taking us back to the Ring of Fire island chain! Miko and Aaron jump down the lore rabbit hole and talk about the new zone that’s coming in two weeks as well as the week’s usual news!

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Show Notes

  • In the Gem Store this week: Dragon Kama dagger skin (600 gems) – leaves green trail behind when wielded!
  • Lots of items returning on limited availability as part of Back to School sale; see details at dulfy
  • In game news: WvW skirmishes are coming September 9: details here
  • Current Events are leading us in the direction of the Ring of Fire: Seis Burnheart has moved to Bloodtide Coast. The next map is Southsun Cove.
  • We’re heading back to the Ring of Fire! Get hyped here and here.
  • Features coming with the new zone: the Ancient Magic mastery line is getting an addition – Thermal Propulsion, supposed to work like Nuhoch Wallows; Mursaat stronghold?; More crazy ley line activity – 3rd party press sites say maxing Gliding mastery will be useful, like for Bloodstone Fen – updrafts should still be a thing though; Heart quests coming back, but daily replayable – how might this work? Required for map completion is unlikely if they’re replayable
  • So what else might we encounter in the Ring of Fire? Check out our Ring of Fire stream from earlier this week!