The GuildMag Podcast: Episode 57 – Ember Bay is almost here!

Miko and Aaron are back this week to talk more Ring of Fire hype! Two new videos about the new Living World episode came out this week, and the duo tackle these and the latest news!

Disclaimer: Miko has been fighting a migraine cycle and needed to help her battle with some yogurt & granola at the start of the show. She didn’t mute her mic though, so apologies for any inadvertent lip smacks that may come over her audio.

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Show Notes

  • In the Gem Store this week: the Pirate Hook and Peg Leg are now available; the Kurzick Dual Axe skin as well; Molten Weapon skins are available again for 4 Black Lion tickets; and the Phoenix glider is back for 2 weeks.  Details here and a gallery is up on dulfy.
  • Nike DNT has started a new series on the shifting PvE meta (raids focus); first episode can be found at
  • Matthew Medina released Orrian and Krytan syllabaries on deviantArt ( & that_shaman has created a translation tool for the Orrian syllabary:
  • Revive orbs getting reworked; details can be found here
  • In a small Current Events update, Seis Burnheart is now in Malchor’s Leap, in the southwest corner of the map. No new tracking but there is a bit of new dialogue
  • Episode 2: Rising Flames trailer
  • PSA: If you haven’t upgraded to HoT yet, don’t forget to log in before September 20 to unlock S3Ep1 on your account. These bank into your account even if you’ve not yet upgraded your game!
  • Ember Bay: Behind the Scenes
    • Thermal Propulsion – thermal tubes! Fling you launch pad style across the map!
    • JP – Chalice of Tears! – Josh Foreman says it earned its name.
    • Map aesthetic – skulls and lava! Metal, right up Josh Foreman’s alley

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