The GuildMag Podcast: Episode 58 – Rising Flames Analysis

Rising Flames arrived in Guild Wars 2 and with it a whole host of new content, including a new legendary mace, a new PvP map, and another PvE zone – Ember Bay! Valiant and Miko pick this patch apart and cover the usual news as well!

Note: There were some audio issues in Valiant’s software affecting Miko’s audio; our apologies for any crackling that comes from her feed.

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Show Notes

  • Rising Flames release is here! Chapter 2 of the Living World release, bringing with it a new map, Ember Bay, & a new PvP map, Eternal Coliseum
  • Legendary weapons are back on the table! Details here.
  • The new system for legendary weapons means future weapons will no longer use collections for the precursors. Instead, just play in any HoT map & use its map-wide currency to purchase weapon-specific material to craft a tier 1/2/3 precursor.
  • Downside: no more lore/journey to precursor crafting, but was that really necessary?
  • In the Gem Store this week: the Mursaat have invaded the Gem Store! Mursaat Robes (700 gems), a gallery is available at dulfy; Mursaat backpack & glider (700 gems)
  • New hair colors available! They’re being dubbed as ‘autumnal colors’.  Find a gallery at dulfy
  • There was a dev AMA on Reddit on Tuesday which you can find here, or check out dulfy’s summary
    • Highlights
      • New map with every LW episode!
      • Not ready to talk about next expansion any time soon.
      • Heavy set of legendary armor is having finishing touches put on before a video for it will be made; all sets will be released together.
      • New streamlined legendary weapon journey will not be applied retroactively to new HoT legendary that came before Eureka
  • Datamining by that_shaman, highlights include new emotes (tipsy, toasts, staggers) and a Lava Skull Backpack
  • We dive into Rising Flames and explore the new story we got with the episode, what surprised us, and what we found really cool (or annoying)!
  • How cute is Aurene??!
  • Eternal Coliseum – the new PvP map – is actually kind of awesome. It’s a giant gladiator coliseum, 3 capture points. Lots of crowd noises when things happens. Sword of Reaping & Shield of Life secondary mechanics, you can also accumulate a stacking glory-type buff when you contribute to killing a player; at 7 stacks you use the special action key to rally crowd and gain temporary +50 to all stats.
  • More hungry cats! Get the details in this reddit thread!