The GuildMag Podcast: Episode 59 – DISMANTLE! Return of Livia?

More speculation abounds this week as the Shining Blade’s Facebook page was updated! Valiant and Miko wonder what their heightened activity could mean for Living World Season 3. All this and the usual news!

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Show Notes


  • Some small bug fixes and tweaks happened in follow-up patches. The best thing happened in Fractals to the Toxic Trail Instability, reducing the size & removing condition application; removed it from Cliffside Fractal
  • In the Gem Store this week: Lava Lounge Pass (2-week pass, 150 gems; permanent 1k gems); Pirate Corsair’s Hat (300 gems; includes feather and eye patch; Cosmic Logging Tool (1k gems)
  • Community Showcase Live happened yesterday! You can find the VoD here
  • Guild Decorations video catalog:
  • Season 3 music is now on SoundCloud!
  • Pink Day in LA is coming! October 22, 12pm Central in both GW1 & GW2 – head down to Lion’s Arch. Donations are already open, so you can donate directly to the cause already. You can also donate in-game prizes to be used at the event up until 16th October; contact Malibu Barbie via Twitter (@Barbie1337) or in-game (Yailith.4056). THIS YEAR’S fundraising goal is: $13,370.  Pink Day links: website and donation site
  • We’ll be live tweeting the day if you can’t make it, so make sure to follow GuildMag and @pinkdayinla on twitter, and use the hashtag #pinkday2016
  • The Shining Blade Facebook page has been updated! What could this mean??
  • Shining Blade in-game since launch, like White Mantle via bandits.
  • The big question: Livia’s return?  Last time we saw her in Sea of Sorrows, which is set 110 years ago. She’s already lived past her natural lifespan because of the Scepter of Orr
  • What about the Livia = Anise theory?
  • Plus more Season 3 speculation – will this one be human/DR-focused?