The GuildMag Podcast: Episode 60 – GW2 Time Travel?!

Valiant and Miko are back to talk all things Guild Wars 2 and what’s been happening over the past two weeks, including the new Current Events content and the news that just dropped about upcoming balance changes!

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Show Notes

  • Current Events have struck again! Patch notes can be found here. “Something unusual is happening at Gillscale Pond.” This is in Fields of Ruin and features Class 1 / 2 Magic Rifts & Rift Stabilizers
  • Also a new “Burden of Choice” achievement – clearing your PC of the magic they absorbed from Bloodstone Fen explosion. Dulfy guide can be found here.
  • New portal in Lion’s Arch Aerodrome (Raid Lobby).  New raid coming soon?
  • New hungry cats!!!!!!!!  9 of them, one for each class and will only accept things from that class at the specific locations. Reddit crowdsourced guide here.
  • Halloween is coming!  Shadow of the Mad King event returns on 18th October (this Tuesday!) for 2 weeks.
  • In PvP news: Tournament of Legends returns on 5th & 6th November, hosted by Academy Gaming.
  • Teams can stand to win legendary weapons, gems & more – sign your team up & have a go!
  • Solo/DuoQ poll is now up – ArenaNet want to know if Season 5 should include a solo/duo q. Info here. Currently “yes” has large majority @ 78%
  • In the Gem Store: Taimi’s Outfit (700 gems); Spectral Glider (500 gems; dyeable); Taimi’s Dye Kit is back for a limited time (125 gems ea); Furrocious Cat Ears (400 gems); Returning items: Phantom’s Hood – 200 gems; Bloody Prince’s Outfit – 700 gems; Bone Pick – 1000 gems; Tireless Harvesting Minion – 1000 gems; Tireless Logging Minion – 1000 gems; Grenth Hood Skin – 400 gems (20% OFF)
  • Tyrian Travels Chapter 3 is out:
  • Balance changes coming and raiders are getting really nervous:
  • In community news, Episode 2 of Nike’s PvE series, Meta Shift!: Fractal Instabilities
  • Pink Day in LA is coming! October 22, 12pm Central in both GW1 & GW2 – head down to Lion’s Arch. Donations are already open, so you can donate directly to the cause already. You can also donate in-game prizes to be used at the event up until 16th October; contact Malibu Barbie via Twitter (@Barbie1337) or in-game (Yailith.4056). THIS YEAR’S fundraising goal is: $13,370.  Pink Day links: website and donation site
  • We’ll be live tweeting the day if you can’t make it, so make sure to follow GuildMag and @pinkdayinla on twitter, and use the hashtag #pinkday2016
  • We spend the rest of the show going through the latest Current Events, what they offer, how they advance the story, what story delivery modes ArenaNet might be trying out, and if we enjoyed the new additions!