The GuildMag Podcast: Episode 61 – Legendary Armor & Balance

LOTS of news this week! Valiant & Miko are joined by MMOINKS to talk about this week’s patch which brought back Halloween to GW2 and also a balance update that’s left many PvE players sad and salty.

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Show Notes

  • Halloween has returned to Tyria! Sadly no new content, but there are some new items.
  • New weapon skins: Jailbroken (focus), Grim Pact (pistol) & Onus (hammer)
  • New minis: Feline Familiar, Thailog the Gargoyle, Charles the Hellfire Skeleton & Oxidecimus
  • Inks’ has a guide for getting the home instance Feline Familiar cat:
  • New tonics: tonics so you can look like the new gargoyle, raven & skeleton minis. Enless Ignited Wraith tonic.
  • New shiny stuff: Phospholuminescent infusion, Poly-Luminescent Undulating Refractor (Teal).
  • PvP Solo/Duo queue voted in for Season 5; 79% yes vote
  • In the Gem Store this week: Six new, exclusive eye colors (5 neon, 1 black) have been added to the Total Makeover Kit (350 gems) – ArenaNet gallery on asura; dulfy gallery on human female
  • New Black Lion weapon skins! Gargoyle weapon skins (1 Black Lion ticket). Dulfy gallery is here
  • Returning items: The Candy Corn Gobbler Pack (300 gems, it’s in the Toys category). Each pack comes with a Candy Corn Gobbler and 15 pieces of Candy Corn; The Black Wings Glider Combo (700 gems); The Mad King’s Outfit (700 gems); The Mad King Dye Kit (125 gems); The Ghoul Backpack and Mini Set (600 gems)
  • For a limited time, past Halloween miniatures are available when using Black Lion Miniature Claim Tickets.
  • In community news, that_shaman has data-mined the 18th October patch. Highlights are Ghostly Outfit, a Bloodstone Glider, and new PvP maps. Check out the fly-through video
  • Pink Day in LA is coming this Saturday, October 22, 12pm Central in both GW1 & GW2 – head down to Lion’s Arch!  Donations are already open, so you can donate directly to the cause already. THIS YEAR’S fundraising goal is: $13,370.  Pink Day links: website and donation site
  • Halloween is back with new items but no new content but at show time, diminishing returns affected the Labyrinth, the Labyrinth bosses were nerfed, rewards felt unrewarding in the Clock Tower jumping puzzle, and players were upset that one of their favorite festivals had been “dumbed down.”
  • A few hours after the show, Mike O’Brien posted to the official forums to announce that many of these things had been reversed, making players very happy.
  • Balance changes happen and PvE players are sour.
    • Chrono / Signet of Inspiration – Added stability, quickness, and resistance to the signet’s passive skill. The active skill of this ability has been reworked and will now apply one of each of your boons to nearby allies for the same duration the passive skill applies them.
    • TL;DR 5/5 comp needed for perma quickness
    • Pugs hit hardest? Perma quickness requires standing in wells now.
    • Revenant – Ink’s protip: still viable on small hitboxes.
    • Druid – Zealot’s still heals same amount. Magi’s overkill?
      • “In this iteration, we’ll now be making healing types more healing-power based. We’ve reduced base values of many healing abilities while substantially increasing the overall healing-power contribution.”
    • Necro – Lich Form—Jagged Horrors: These minions will no longer lose health over time and will instead die 30 seconds after they’re summoned
      • “we wanted to improve the viability of necromancer power builds, which have been somewhat lacking in presence.”
  • Legendary Armour! Yay/nay? How will it look on charr/asura?  Check out the teaser video!