The GuildMag Podcast – Episode 62: Material Storage Changes?!

Miko is back with special guest Gord the Norn from the Shadow of the Dragon podcast!  The duo talk about the growing wishlist players are compiling in response to ArenaNet’s request for input on an expanded material storage iteration; Halloween fixes; and life in the game post-controversial balance patch.  All this and the usual game and community news!

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Show Notes

  • In the Gem Store this week: Ghostly Outfit (700 gems), Hovering Mad Mirror Travel Toy (250 gems), Bloodstone Glider (500 gems), plus returning Halloween items including the Executioner’s Outfit & Mad King Finisher.
  • In community news, GW1 players are petitioning ArenaNet for an HD remake! Details here.
  • It’s the 10th anniversary of Guild Wars: Nightfall and fans and devs are reminiscing! that_shaman shared his remastered maps of Ascalon, Tyria, Cantha, and Elona with the Guild Wars 2 community in honor of the anniversary.
  • Pink Day in LA happened over the weekend and was a ton of fun!  Donations are open until November 1, so if you haven’t been able to donate in support of the Canadian Cancer Society’s work, you still have some time! This year’s fundraising goal is: $13,370 and, at press time, they’ve raised 50% of their goal.  Pink Day links: website and donation site.
  • Halloween got fixed right after our show last week! MO posted to the official forums and brought much joy to players everywhere
  • One week out, players are still talking about last week’s balance patch with many conflicting opinions on whether or not this was a bad thing.
  • ArenaNet Game Designer Linsey Murdock posted to the official forums inviting players to offer suggestions for what crafting materials or other things they’d like to see added to the material storage vault.  Players have crowdsourced an impressive list on both the forums and the subreddit.
  • What impact might this have on players, ArenaNet’s micro-transactions, and the game economy?
  • An idea to make Essences of Luck a crafting material also came up on reddit.  What uses could we put this to?
  • Shadow of the Dragon’s podcast can be accessed from their website,, and their hosts can be found on Twitter: @GordtheNorn, @GuildLores, @Gallios_GW2, and @SOTD_Podcast