The GuildMag Podcast: Episode 63 – Junundu, Primordus & Jormag

The GuildMag Podcast is back this week and Valiant & Miko are joined by Kora, a.k. a. GuildLores, for a special lore-filled episode to talk about the future of Primordus & Jormag, a bit of Junundu speculation, this week’s news & more!

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Show Notes

  • In the Gem Store this week: Plush Aurene backpack (400 gems); new hair colours for makeover kits (Aquamarine, Banana Milk, Hazel Green, Light Cyan, Magenta, Moonlight Blue); Doomsday Preparation Pack (2k gems) which includes Shadow & Flame Dye Kits, Raiment of the Lich, Shared Inventory Slot, Watchwork Mining Pick
  • Black Lion chest loot has been reworked: no more boosters, but loot rotates with the season. Each chest rewards 3-4 items from the preview list, which is split into common/uncommon/rare/super rare categories.
    • Every chest contains a guaranteed seasonal item that will change regularly.
    • Every chest contains a convenience item.
    • Every chest contains an item that will progress your account in some way.
    • There is now a consistent chance at a fourth drop that is uncommon or rare.
  • New Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock in the “common” category -> unlocks a random wardrobe skin (rare or less) for your account. Included: outfits, gliders, equipment (armor/weapons), dyes, minis, finishers, mail carriers
  • In community news, a new rift map for Current Events, Gillscale Pond device events has been shared on reddit
  • In GuildMag news, our latest magazine will be released this weekend on Issue 17 explores everything that’s awesome about Elona, which is quite relevant considering what we’re going to talk about first…
  • BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Last December we released our first physical magazine, The Annual 2015. We’re bringing the Annual back this year! It’s going to be bigger and better than ever with some awesome contributions from various community content creators, and will be available for purchase from Monday 28th November. More info to follow soon!
  • A new wurm model was inadvertently added to the GW2 .dat file and its coloring and details look like the GW1 Junundu wurms.  Could this and other leaked image be pointing to Elona in Guild Wars 2‘s future?
  • In the rest of the episode, we talk speculation – what we know about Primordus, Jormag, and more and what more we might encounter from them and their minions in Season 3 or beyond!
  • Shadow of the Dragon’s podcast can be accessed from their website,, and their hosts can be found on Twitter: @GordtheNorn, @GuildLores, @Gallios_GW2, and @SOTD_Podcast