The GuildMag Podcast – Episode 65: Best Fractal Ever? Nightmare Fractal & More!

Valiant is back this week and he and Miko take a little time to get his impressions on “A Crack in the Ice” before diving into the new Nightmare Fractal.  All this, the week’s news, and more!

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Show Notes

  • In game news, Bobby Stein posted in the forums to say the devs exploring ways to make raid story more accessible – no guarantees!!  So story mode hype? Not so fast! See his responses here and here.  Accessibility could take any number of forms.
  • Gaile Gray posted on reddit to say there will be no change to the party system in Toypocalypse this Wintersday
  • NEW in the Gem Store this week, Eir’s Legacy Longbow (600 gems) – limited time sale! – and the Cosmic Harvesting Tool (1k gems). The Fancy Winter Outfit (700 gems) also returns for a limited time.
  • In community news, ArenaNet announced on Community Showcase Live that they are partnering with Welovfine to allow fan submissions as official merchandise; more details forthcoming.
  • In GuildMag news, the Annual 2016 is open for pre-orders! Go check out! This year, $1 for each print magazine copy sold goes to Doctors Without Borders – a charity that helps deliver emergency medical aid to those that need it most. Printed copies are sold as close to production cost as possible and will get delivered to your front door in early January.  We’ve worked with content creators like Aurora Peachy, MMOINKS, Vasburg & Chronicles of Tyria to produce great unique content you won’t find anywhere else.
    • Peachy has put together some awesome real life Wintersday recipes;
    • CoT have done a great piece of fiction;
    • Vasburg’s designed our amazing cover art with Dragon’s Watch on it;
    • INKS has a really interesting piece on raiding in GW2 in the mag.
    • Plus we’ve got articles on lore, community art – all the usual magazine articles we create, but put into overdrive.
  • Valiant shares his reaction to LW S3, Ep. 3, “A Crack in the Ice.”
  • Nightmare Fractal! Is this the best fractal ever? Yes.  Awesome throwback to LW S1 – it’s kept the themes & feel of Tower of Nightmares but has actual engaging 5-player gameplay
  • Behind the Scenes video:
    • States they want this to teach people how to be better at the game
  • Another call for a DPS meter. Nike’s video: Gaile Gray posted to the official forums to say ArenaNet says, “No.”  What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!