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The Podcast Returns… During the Beta Weekend Event!

That’s right folks, after more than a year the podcast is finally ready to return! Although we announced its revival quite a few months back, we hit some hiccups along the way, but now it’s time to finally reveal what tricks we’ve got up our sleeves (and how you can get involved too!)…

We don’t want to be just another podcast. We don’t want to talk at you, we want to talk with you, which is why the revamped podcast is being opened up to everyone. We want to discuss anything Guild Wars-related that’s dear to your heart, and there’s a plethora of ways you can get involved with this:

  • Each episode will feature two guest speaker spots that are open to anyone. This means everyone has a chance to come and talk about what they want to and get some meaningful discussion going. You’ll be with the episode from start to finish, so don’t go thinking you’ll be over and done with within 30 seconds – more like 30 minutes!
  • If you’re not into literally speaking your mind, we still want to hear from you! You can email in with your questions, comments or anything that’s otherwise relevant, and they’ll be discussed on the episode in question with myself and our guest speakers. The theme of each episode will be announced via our Twitter and Facebook pages several days before it’s recorded.
  • Got something to say about what you’ve just heard? The comment system on our website is just perfect for anyone wanting to voice their opinions on an episode of the podcast they’ve just listened to – so use it!

That’s all very well, but what about the upcoming episode? Well, we’ll be recording it shortly after the first Beta Weekend Event (27th-29th April) and are looking to discuss all things related to that. We want you guys to get involved in this, whether that’s by applying to become a guest speaker or by emailing in any questions you’d like answered, any views you may have from playing during the beta event or viewing others play it, or anything else you’d like to contribute!

To become a guest speaker

Send an email to with a short message on what you’ll be doing during the Beta Weekend Event (note you don’t have to actually be playing in the beta, but for anyone that is, you’ll have the chance to meet up with myself and the rest of the GuildMag team to play together). We’d also like you to attach a short recording of yourself (meaning you’ll need a microphone for that!) of no more than 30 seconds, talking about yourself and one interesting fact about you!

To send us an email

It’s the same address as above; send everything to We’re looking for your experiences of the upcoming beta (whether that’s from you playing it or from seeing others play it), any questions you may like answered regarding it, and any other pieces you’d like to share.

See you soon!

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