The Quaggan Waddle

On the 29th of September, a zerg of pink quaggans were seen waddling their way from Rata Sum to Ebonhawke. What inspired them to make this arduous and dangerous journey? They wanted a cure for cancer.

Gamers Giving Back organised this epic Quaggan Waddle to promote their upcoming event ‘Pink Day in LA’ which takes place on the 20th of October and aims to raise money for cancer research. I joined them as they carried their message across multiple maps in the cutest way possible.

At one point, our path took us through a cave where our mere presence spawned an event the moment we arrived. We brave quaggans, armed with only costume brawl skills, waddled straight into the horde of ettins! Our heroic bodyguards, clad in pink armour, saw us safely through, but the danger wasn’t over. We observed from our minimap that our existing path would lead us straight to a legendary bloodstone-crazed creature. But the Quaggan Train stops for nothing! We waddled right over the corpse of that bloodstone-crazed moa.

My favourite moment was the spectacle created during our route through Lion’s Arch. We climbed up the winding slope of the lighthouse and dove en masse into the harbour waters below. Seeing it rain pink, flailing quaggans was amazing. Disclaimer: All stunts were performed by a race of experienced swimmers and therefore must not be attempted at home.

Throughout the event, we enjoyed some live radio, courtesy of Malibu Barbie at In between songs, Steam game codes were given away and her cheerful, celebratory chatter was enjoyed by all. Those who didn’t tune in, still got to listen to music as some of our bodyguards also doubled as wandering minstrels with their in-game instruments.

The most satisfying part about participating in the event was the reaction of others who saw us and had no idea what was going on. What would you think if you saw a bunch of pink tags making their way very slowly across the map (waddling is walking speed, of course) or if you find yourself in the middle of a pink quaggan parade? Many players did come to investigate and ask what was going on. Some even joined in! Not everyone had an endless pink quaggan tonic, but the volunteers had stacks of the temporary ones in reserve for any who needed them.

Promotional image supplied by Gamers Giving Back

As I’ve said before, the reason these quaggans waddled through the breadth of Tyria was to bring attention to Pink Day in LA, an event which will be held by Gamers Giving Back on the 20th of October. There will be live radio from Barbie and prizes to win, including at least eight legendaries! Best of all, all money raised will go to the Canadian Cancer Society’s International Research Fund to increase our chances of finding a cure for all types of cancer.

Right now, Gamers Giving Back are looking to recruit volunteers to help with Pink Day in LA. If you want to get involved and become a God Amongst Mere Mortals in GGB’s own Hall of Heroes, get in touch with either Angel (AngelWriter.3652) if you’re on the NA megaserver or Lelling (Lelling.6795) if you’re on the EU megaserver. The next volunteer meeting takes place on the 6th of October and TeamSpeak is required.

Promotional image supplied by Gamers Giving Back

So tell your friends, tell your guild and ready your pink-themed wardrobe! The eleventh annual Pink Day in LA is happening on October 20th. For more information and updates, check

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