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The Queen’s Jubilee: Exclusive Patch Preview – Permanent Features

Welcome to part two of our exclusive patch preview on the Queen’s Jubilee. If you haven’t yet read part one, then click here to read all about the Living World content.

In this article we cover the permanent additions to Guild Wars 2 that will arrive on Tuesday 6th August which we were fortunate enough to gain a little more insight on.

Account Wallet

Hallelujah! From Tuesday, you’ll no longer have to worry about dungeon tokens taking up valuable inventory space – or any currency, for that matter. Situated in the Hero panel, the new Account Wallet holds the following currencies currently in the game: gems, gold, karma, laurels, Glory, Badges of Honor, Fractal Relics and all dungeon tokens. These currencies will be available account-wide (as the name suggests), meaning that for the first time currencies like karma can be shared between characters.

Mini-game Rotation

Whilst not much information was given about this, what was revealed was how to access the mini-games: Lion’s Arch will hold a new NPC called the Game Master. Speaking to this guy (or gal!) will allow you to travel to the daily mini-game on offer.

Permanent Finishers

In addition to temporary consumable finishers (which will remain as rewards in the game), permanent finishers can now be unlocked and used on the sPvP and WvW battlefields. A new area in the Hero panel will house all your available (and still locked) permanent finishers, allowing you to easily activate which one you’d like to use. Some available finishers include a snowman, a scarecrow and finishers for each PvP Rank symbol you’ve unlocked.

Consumable finishers can still be activated; upon doing so, these will temporarily replace your active permanent finisher for the duration specified, before returning to your permanent finisher.

There’s also other permanent content being added such as changes to dungeon and champion rewards. Unfortunately, no new information was given about these during the developer presentation. However, to find out everything that’s been released so far about these changes, check out our latest podcast episode where we cover just this topic!

A big thank you to Steve (GettCouped) and ArenaNet for attending the presentation and actually inviting us to it in the first place, respectively. Don’t forget to check out our first article on this patch preview covering the Living World content.

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