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The Savage Pride of the Jotun

If you’re the sort who likes to get clobbered over the head with trees and boulders, you might want to head over to the ArenaNet blog and meet the jotun. A new lore post describes their society and how they’ve changed over time throughout Tyrian history. It’s probably the closest you’ll ever want to get to them.

The jotun have lost many of the things that once made them great. Their lore is scattered, and much of it lost; any religion, higher learning, or secrets of invention that they once mastered have been eradicated, and only the remnants of their once-great society remain. Like the massive stone monuments their people once raised that can still be found in the Shiverpeaks, the jotun have lost their purpose…and their meaning.

Now savage, vicious creatures, the jotun fall upon any traveler they see. Occasionally pacified by tribute and flattery, they may choose to let non-jotun pass with a threat or a beating. However, when two clans of jotun come upon one another, they are satisfied with nothing less than the complete eradication of the other.


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