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The sound of humanity

Today’s the first of a four-day long look into the world of humans in Tyria!  John Ryan, one of the writers on the Guild Wars 2 design team has shared a total of six audio clips with us, and they’re all quality stuff. Below you can find what John Ryan has to say about it himself, altough you’ll probably find more information by following the link to the official ArenaNet blog at the bottom of this post.

My name is John Ryan, and I’m one of the writers on the Guild Wars 2 design team. We’ve been working hard to make the world of Tyria a living, breathing place filled with amazing sights and terrific adventures. In this post, you’ll find a small sample of how we’re giving humanity a voice in Guild Wars 2.

For us, voice plays a crucial part in establishing a world. Voice gives us the opportunity to tell stories with drama, humor, and—more importantly—a realistic tone. If we can make the humans of Tyria look, act, and sound real while making it feel like you’re humanity’s champion in its darkest hour, then we’ve succeeded. It’s a high bar, but it’s one we are committed to reaching.

Humanity has taken a beating in the two hundred fifty years between Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. They’ve lost their homeland of Ascalon to their enemy, the charr, and they lost contact with the lands of Elona and Cantha after the rise of the dragons. Most of what’s left of humanity has relocated to the opulent city of Divinity’s Reach in Kryta. It is here you will start out as a human character.


From a random stroll through the streets…

Big City + Stranger Things + Etc.

…to a much wider world.

Sylvari + Ascalonian Tolerance

A question of faith…

A Question of Faith

…and the use of power.

Queen vs Minister + Ebonhawke + Etc.

I will defend Kryta…

Kids Playing – Bandits, Lunch

…or die trying.

Garrison Night Scene War

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