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The Winds of Change: Looking Back

Having given us a few days to complete the final chapter of the trilogy, John Stumme gives us his reflections on the trilogy – the characters, the feelings it was intended to evoke in the players (and where it went wrong) and the ways in which it was intended to form a bridge between Guild Wars 1 and it’s close-to-completion sequel (including effectively confirming one speculation voiced by many that had reached its conclusion).

I think there’s one area where he might have come away with the wrong lesson, though. It was good to see that the mistakes of the first arc weren’t repeated further in the story (if anything, the final third might have gone a little too far the other way), but in my mind the real issue with the first third wasn’t the difficulty per se, but the sheer amount of slog that it involved. For people whom it was too hard, this became frustrating as each hard-fought battle lead into another just like it without reprieve as their death penalty slowly builds up. While for harder players, repeating the same battle over and over again ad nauseum allows boredom to set in… and then the resulting frustration when the inevitable careless mistake slips in after the 137th trash mob.

But that’s a dead horse that’s been beaten before. So, keeping in mind that it’s still early enough that avoidance of spoilers will likely be appreciated… what are your feelings on the chapter of Tyria’s history now closed, whether just the recent update or storyline as a whole?


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