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The Wintersday Workshop Winners

On Saturday 22 January 2011, the winners of the Wintersday Workshop were announced, during the Wintersday Workshop Party in Ice Tooth Cave (ID1). This community workshop, hosted in the Nolani Academy on the GuildWarsGuru forums, was ‘again’ a great success. Artists of all levels participated in creating their entry for the Official Guild Wars Wintersday Art Contest, while helping each other by giving feedback, tips and/or motivational comments.

Winning in the workshop, as you might know, is not ‘just’ about creating the best possible art, but more about the journey the artist makes during the process and sharing that progress. This way it’s not just the artist that learns from the experience, but also those that ‘look over their shoulders’. Of course in the end there can only be so many winners:

Best Progress
1st. Tommy’s
2nd. Gemini Jusa
3rd. Nemesis of the Gods

Most Original

Artist Extraordinaire
Eastern Magik

Wintersday Spirit

The Grentch

Thistle Xandra

Workshop Muse

Bonus Draw

Let me end this Blitz by giving a BIG tnx to Tzu for organizing this workshop (and workshops in previous years), to Minami and Perynne for managing this workshop’s thread (and taking over the organization in years to come), to the Gaming World Entertainment Network (GW-EN) and their Dj’s for providing a great atmosphere during the party (Dj PTM, Dj Lady Gallo, Dj Thy Reloaded, Dj Judge Ra), to Arghore and Tommy’s for organizing the party and providing some in district entertainment, and last but not least to all the people that donated prizes to the workshop. All in all it was another great success, and I’m already looking forward to the next workshop…

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