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We now know that the next beta event will take place at the end of March. That’ll seem like an eternity for a lot of us (unless you’re one of the lucky invitees to that event), but at least we know that progress is still being made. It doesn’t make the waiting any easier, though.

One thing that I’ve found in watching many of the video clips from the CBT is that I’m much less certain about what professions I’ll be playing. My first Guild Wars character was a ranger in Prophecies, so I will probably create a human ranger as my first Guild Wars 2 character. But watching the awesome capabilities of the other classes keeps me uncertain about what to do next (I’m a relapsed alt-oholic) — and that’s ignoring the race question.

The GW character I’ve played the most is my monk, and I’m tired of watching red bars, so it’s a good thing for me that there are no GW2 monks. I thought Guardian would be of little interest, as it combines some of the melee style of warriors with some of the support aspects of monks, but watching the Yogscast “Guardian Spotlight” showed that that profession has lots of interest. My GW necromancer is one of my least-played characters, but the death shroud mechanism of the GW2 necro makes it a totally different experience. Engineers look fascinating — complex as heck, but fascinating. And the last GW character I created — my mesmer — turned out to be far more fun than I expected, and GW2 mesmers look even more amazing. For crying out loud, Totalbiscuit even managed to make the warrior look like a lot of fun in his latest video!

As soon as I think I’ve decided, some other video comes up or another persuasive article is posted, highlighting just how cool some other profession is and I’m back to square one again.

Official Guild Wars 2 news

  • ArenaNet blog — Link Roundup: WvW and Beta. “It’s been an incredibly exciting week in the ArenaNet offices, and we were thrilled to see all of you enjoying the festivities along with us. We had a great response to last weekend’s beta event and this week’s beta signups, so it’s time to take a look at what everyone had to say!”
  • Guild Wars 2 Guru — Colin Johanson on dynamic events and meta-events. “In the beta weekend, there were generally 2 or more large meta dynamic event chains in each of the maps available. These meta event chains are made up of usually in the ballpark of 5-20+ events chaining and branching in various different directions. They stand out because even if no events are currently running, you’ll see unique UI for them that tells you the state of the world as a result of the events that occurred in the area. Meta events generally have the largest amount of world impact of any event chains, making large sweeping changes to huge chunks of a map in the world. Dynamic events have varying impact from small (new merchant who sells stuff) to massive (explosions!!) depending on the scope and important of the event.”
  • Kill Ten Rats — Interview with ArenaNet’s Rubi Bayer. “ArenaNet officially announced a couple weeks ago that Rubi Bayer would be joining the Community Team. I met Rubi personally (and finally) at the Fan Day, but I’ve known her for much longer for her Guild Wars work. I jumped at the chance to interview her when she crossed the threshold in to ArenaNet, and I am very thankful that she was able to take some time to answer a couple questions a midst a major life change (access to Guild Wars 2) as well as taking on a new job, tons of beta feedback, and learning Martin Kerstein’s… intricacies. Without further ado.”
  • ArenaNet blog — Play Your Way: Jon Peters on Traits and Attributes. “Hey everybody, Jon Peters here with a look at how traits and attributes provide a deep level of customization to your Guild Wars 2 character. Put simply, attributes are characteristics that players can invest points into in order to increase their effectiveness. We have four basic attributes – power, vitality, precision, and toughness.”
  • Guild Wars Official Wiki — Guild emblem poll. “Hi Guild Wars Community! We need your help with a small task. We’d like you to tell us what is the emblem design of your Guild capes in Guild Wars. This is purely for the purpose of gathering statistics that would be difficult to find otherwise.” [Raphia: You’ve got until Monday to get your votes in.]

Recent GuildMag posts

  • Short in Stature, Broad in Perception. “Where do we begin with the asura? Oh, right, you couldn’t possibly understand them, and they’re far better than you’ll ever be. That’s perhaps the best introduction one can make for the diminutive race that has arisen from the Depths of Tyria. As a matter of fact, that’s rather how they would introduce themselves. However, that’s not the focus here, our focus is on how they view their place in the world of Tyria and the world’s place in everything.”
  • Guild Wars 2 Press Closed Beta Test Aggregation Page. Not a new post, but one that Dutch Sunshine kept fully up-to-date for more than a week and almost certainly has links to Guild Wars 2 material you didn’t see.

Fan articles and blog posts

  • Reddit — First Image of the Auction House. [Raphia: Screen captures of the Trading Post’s top items list and items for sale page UI.]
  • Hunter’s Insight — The Auction House. “This image from this video (at about the 9 minute mark) has been floating around various sites. It is our first look, as far as I or others can tell, of the auction house. As you can see the UI is dominated by various categories of items. These categories essentially lay out what is going on in trade. Interestingly most of the visible items appear to be crafting items with few exceptions. Of note is the grumble cake, which I assume is some sort of consumable.”
  • Demajen — “An Unlikely Krewe”: Forming Guilds in GW2. “While I’m sure a ton of players were in the same position as me — starting (or restarting) late to try and bag some of those Hall of Monuments cosmetic rewards — it wasn’t enough for me to start interacting with other players any more than the limited extent I had to for trading for minipets or birthday cupcakes. In some ways I’ve become more antisocial the more MMORPGs I’ve played. Not to labour the point of previous blogs, but I think this is mostly down to kill stealing and competitive quest design. Yes, I am flogging a dead horse there…”
  • Demajen — Entitlement Culture & Supporting the Developers. “Ah the Internet. How I love it and its diverse points of view, hidden behind a layer of comforting anonymity. And by “love
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