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This will probably be the least-read weekly round-up since I started posting them here at GuildMag, as an hour or so after this goes live, everyone and their ranger pet will be attempting to log into the first Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event. Along with my guildies from TNC and my allies from SPQT, I’ll be playing this weekend in Sorrow’s Furnace (conveniently, that’s also the server the other North American GuildMag staffers will be using, too ah, plans changed on me … I’ll still be in Sorrow’s Furnace).

To help you find only the urgent stuff today, I’ve flagged items that relate directly to the beta weekend event like this: BWE.

Official Guild Wars 2 news

  • Guild Wars 2 on the Social Media Front. “We’re days away from the first Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event, and it’s no exaggeration to say that we’re as eager as all of you for the event to begin. While the developers are busy preparing the game, we here on the community team are keeping busy by keeping all of you, our Guild Wars family, informed, with help from a few popular social media outlets.”
  • Forbes — ArenaNet Founder Mike O’Brien Will Be Satisfied When Guild Wars 2 Is The Most Successful MMO, Period. “O’Brien has learned enough about the online worlds business to know not to judge sales of the game or active user base in the first year. Game worlds take time to grow an audience, but the company has the advantage of a huge installed base of Guild Wars fans who have been waiting five years for this game to come out. As for the World of Warcraft-killer slogan that has been bandied about in the press, O’Brien said “nothing is going to kill WoW other than WoW. Games just don’t die. But do gamers think we’ve seen the most popular online game we’ve ever seen and we’ll never see something more popular than that? I don’t think so. One MMO has been on the top of the heap for seven years now, but there’s been a progression in the industry for other games being able to attract more and more players. And we’re set to climb to the top.
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