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In the lull between Christmas and New Year’s, some of us spend lots of time with friends and family. Some of us spend lots of time in game. Some folks try to do both. For that last group, here are this week’s news and commentary from around the Guild Wars 2 community:

  • — Guildcast: Thief Reveal. “If have not caught the Guild Wars 2 fever yet, then it’s time to get sick. Guild Wars 2 in on the crux of release, and our team at GAMEBREAKER is here to help contract the virus. Our panel consists of MMO experts from all over the genre. Our host Gary Gannon invited Community Manager and Guild Wars expert from Massively Rubi Bayer and MMO PvPer and host of ZAM’s BFF Report Mike B to the show to exchange ideas about the latest Guild Wars 2 news.”
  • Flame Throwing — Content Gating Part 2 vs Progression. “I sort of let this go for awhile. I’d like to say it’s because I’ve been mulling over every grain of thought in the realm of content gating. But really: the holidays. Last week I tried to define content gating and give common examples of it. This week I promised to talk about when it is good, and when it is bad. Let’s start with the bad, because I think most people are familiar with the term “content gating” in a negative sense.”
  • — To Beta or Not to Beta? “If ArenaNet sent you an invite to take part in the Guild Wars 2 closed beta, would you take them up on the offer? I’ve wondered this myself for the last few days after ArenaNet announced that closed beta would begin on the 16th December. Many would instantly say yes, hit the link and download the client. But having taken part in dozens of closed and open betas, it is unquestionable that your perspective begins to shift. Taking part in the launch of a brand new MMOG, having not played any of the alpha or beta stages, is an incredibly exciting time; a brand new world, classes and archetypes, making new friends and taking part in new adventures. In direct contrast, these feelings dwindle to but a flicker when you’ve already invested countless hours into the game and a character that was deleted several days prior.” [Raphia: Good points here, but I’d certainly accept a beta invite, even though I’ve worked for many years in the software industry (not gaming software).]
  • The Feral Engineer — The Grind. “WARNING: This will most likely come out as a QQ post. Remember when games were so fun that you just played them because you wanted to? Because they were fun? I do. Hell, I can even recall how much fun I was having back when I first started to play WoW. Or even how much fun I was having back when I started playing RIFT. But how come after the cleanest launch to date (I guess SWTOR was pretty clean, but I am not here to argue yet and its too early to tell), how come the game is suffering from a rapidly declining population and the people that still play it are mostly just holding out until the next MMO that comes their way? Honestly, I think there are a number of things that contribute to this. Personally, and this is highly opinionated, I feel that there is one reason why MMOs these days are failing and the reason is quite simple. I have yet to figure out why developers feel the need for this. But why is there more grind in MMOs these days than at any Starbucks? I have yet to find anyone that finds grinds to be fun, so why do developers do them? Why do they feel the need to stagnant player progression so? To be honest, I find that if developers keep going with the grind, they will be their own downfall.”
  • Greibach’s Normal Form — The 2/3 Theory. “It’s been a long time since we first started hearing about professions, going on two years now. A lot has changed between then and now, but one thing that hasn’t is the concept of Guild Wars 2′s version of the trinity — control, support, and damage. They have been consistent for the past two years in stating that their goal is for any party composition to be viable because every profession can operate in each of these three roles, frequently changing on the fly between them via either profession mechanics (kits and attunements) or weapon swapping. No class is relegated to any one role, and in theory all are able to fill all three. Brace yourself for a wall of text few have seen the likes of.”
  • Massively — Flameseeker Chronicles: High achievers. “Well, ArenaNet certainly didn’t let 2011 go out on a quiet note. The team had a few last tricks up its sleeve before closing down shop until the new year. We chatted with Eric Flannum about the Guild Wars 2 Mesmer, and the newest ArenaNet blog post contained some exciting talk of combat, achievements, and some tweaking to the Thief class. I loved hearing about the updates to the Thief and to combat because the fact that the developers are talking about fine-tuning says good things to me about the development process. However, it was the talk of achievements that really caught my attention because it’s such a sweeping, game-wide system. Follow along after the jump and let’s take a closer look!”
  • Dragon Season — Professions: Ranger. “No, I cannot recall neither when it began nor how. What I do know for a fact is that this is the oldest memory I have. Ever since I can remember myself, I have been surrounded by animals of various species. It is strange, really; I cannot bring to mind the faces of my parents… but I can still see very vividly my first dog’s muzzle! I’ve learned how to walk by holding on to this dog’s ears and I’ve learned how to run by yanking his tail. Hell, I even think I learned how to ride on this poor dog’s back! “
  • — Amazing Guild Wars 2 Music Remix. “Browsing through YouTube I stumbled upon this rather amazing remix of the piano theme from the Guild Wars 2 Gamescom 2011 trailer. Made by YouTuber Matt Visual. “
  • Guild Wars JournalGuild Wars 2: The Year 2011 in Review. “The year 2011 had a lot in store for Guild Wars 2 fans as it not only brought us from only four known professions up to all eight, we also had several big race weeks and a very busy convention season with playable demos and PvP. Here is our Guild Wars 2 Year 2011 in Review.”

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No new community event items have come by this week. Hopefully we’ll see more activity here in the new year.

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