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Welcome, new citizens of Tyria!

It’s been a tumultuous week since the servers went live at the beginning of the three-day headstart period. ArenaNet’s development and support staff have been working feverishly to ensure that the launch went smoothly, and have been mostly successful. As many of you know, there have been problems and not all features have been available at all times this week (for example, I was only able to access the trading post for the first time last night: my inventory was overstuffed with items for sale). Party and guild mechanics have been unevenly functional, and many people have been on the receiving end of account hacking attempts (hopefully few of them were victimized by this). However, as a few wags on Twitter have pointed out, there never has been a launch of a major MMO that didn’t have at least a few issues (and Guild Wars 2 is definitely a major MMO).

I was quite amused that some of the folks who tried to take advantage of a bug (a karma vendor was selling cultural weapons for a thousandth of the regular price) got varying punishments ranging from no penalty (someone who bought one or a few weapons) to 3-day bans (someone who bought a bunch of weapons) all the way to permanent bans (people who bought hundreds or even thousands of weapons). Karma always rebalances in the long run. In this case, almost immediately.

Also, with a few exceptions, I will no longer link to videos from the various beta weekends and stress tests: this means the video section is much lighter this week, but I expect the volume to recover now that we have access to the released game.

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