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Happy New Year everyone. I hope everyone had a great holiday and you’re all back in heightened anticipation mode for Guild Wars 2 (I certainly am). Here are the articles, blog posts, and videos related to the game over the past week. Update: Added a couple of links that broke just after we posted this article.

  • Arenanet blogGuild Wars 2 Charr Plush. “Everyone needs a little charr in their life! This adorable plush version of Guild Wars 2‘s ferocious feline charr will stand guard as you work, sleep, or play! Made from huggable high-quality material, this 17 inch long plush is as fierce and rugged as a charr centurion.”
  • [An update from the Live Team on Guild Wars 1] Arenanet — Elementalist update. “With this update, we are making some changes to Elementalists to improve their viability in PvE. Where relevant, we are also making some changes to Elementalist skills used in PvP in order to address certain powerful options and to provide some new playstyles. This update focuses mainly on improving elite skill options and adding a global change to Hard Mode foes. Even though this update is mostly limited to Elementalist elite skills, we are also addressing some normal skills for Elementalists that we felt could use some changes and a few non-Elementalist skills that have become too powerful.”
  • — Interview with the Live Team Part 2. “Here is the second and final part of the interview we had with the Guild Wars Live Team. Robert Gee talks about the changes we will see to the Elementalist profession in Guild Wars in the near future. This update was originally scheduled to be released before Wintersday, but it got pushed back, so it might not interfere with the festivities. There also has been a “leak
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