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It started off as a quiet week but you just can’t keep the Guild Wars 2 fan community quiet for long. Nothing new directly from the official website, but we have been given hints from ArenaNet that much more information will be coming our way in the near future. Until that happens, here’s the last week’s worth of blog posts, articles, podcasts, and videos on Guild Wars 2:

  • Guild Wars Insider — Voice Overs: Are they the future of games? “Like many others, I have seen the voice over work in Guild Wars 2 and have been very impressed. The work they have done on The voice overs alone has been extensive. I thoroughly enjoyed the videos and following along on Twitter when Peter Fries went down to Burbank California for two weeks to record more voice overs. It was a great thing to experience from a distance and know they were hard at work. While I find this all really exciting and intriguing, many are asking themselves if this is really good for gaming as a whole, especially since there is another game that just came out with full VO work.”
  • MassivelyFlameseeker Chronicles: ArenaNet talks PvE vs. PvP. “‘I don’t care for PvP, so Guild Wars 2 doesn’t really interest me.’ This is something that I’ve heard with some regularity over the past year or two, and every time I sort of shake my head in confusion. How could anyone perceive Guild Wars 2 as a PvP-only game? Really, just take a look at what we’ve seen from the development team and how PvE-centric it is and it seems that you’d get the impression that if anything, there’s more of a PvE focus. Of course, I can see where this perception comes from — Guild Wars 1 holds the same perception for a lot of people, so it carries over. As a huge fan of both games and a pure PvE player, I thought it would be fun to take this week and clear things up. Eric Flannum and John Stumme were kind enough to help, stepping in to answer a few questions about the balance of things both past and present.”
  • Kill Ten Rats — Questing Against Your Interests. “Many games have challenges and achievements for making things harder, like beating a boss without using any potions or cutting down the mightiest tree in the forest with a herring. Early the the Guild Wars Nightfall primary quest chain, the Master’s rewards are mostly for intentionally delaying and acting against your interests during wartime. You are in disguise and headed to a rendezvous with a traitor general, being guided through the swamps by her lieutenant … so why not slip away at hunt down some cobra=headed velociraptors? You are leading an assault on the enemy base, where time is of the essence as reinforcements are arriving and artillery fire is raining down … so why not take your time and scour the corners for enemies who are not engaging? You are sneaking a group of monks through enemy territory, with a primary objective of avoiding notice from the troops garrisoned there … with a special bonus for visiting every guard post and slaughtering the troops.”
  • Want some Guild Wars 2 desktop wallpaper images? Purple Llama has you covered. “Guild Wars 2 has eight professions, and now you can enjoy all of them on your desktop!”
  • MMORPG.comGuild Wars 2 Column: More Than Quest Givers. “Guild Wars 2 is shaping up to be a very diverse MMORPG, and by that I mean its races. Races are an important part of MMOs. They offer options to the player and help make the in game world feel whole. We have gone over the races that we will have the opportunity to play as, but many of us have forgotten about the other races. We will be able to explore their villages and cities, accept quests from them, and even meet them on the battlefield. Given all this interaction with them, it makes sense that a lot goes into these races, even if we won’t be playing as them. So let’s go over what makes these races awesome, and not just a random race put in for players to get a few quests from.”
  • Flame Throwing — Content Gating Part 3. “I’ve put off writing this post because I really wanted to stew over it, and form a real opinion of progress and accessing content in Guild Wars 2. And now I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a little bit worried about it. Ever since EverQuest came out, I’ve had one game that I consider my primary game. I still play plenty of others, but there’s one that I play for at least half of my game time over an extended period of time, like, years. I’m hoping that Guild Wars 2 will be that game, but at this point, I’m not sure it has the staying power. In the end, a game needs to control the flow of content and gameplay in order to keep players engaged. Will Guild Wars 2 do that?”
  • — The Tao of ArenaNet. “An essay in many parts, but mostly pertaining to the design philosophies driving Guild Wars 2, how and why they are innovative, the game features they affect, and why this means that Meowhead is totally hyped for this game while some people just don’t see why. First off, a warning. This is going to be a wall of text. This is going to be SEVERAL walls of text. I’ve tried to highlight things like topic headings, so you can skim through a bit, but if you don’t want a giant wall of text, you should probably go visit another topic. There is no real TL;DR for this. The closest I can give you is ‘I like Arenanet’s philosophies but because you’re not going to read all this, I can’t tell you why in this single sentence’. This is all in no particular order, but I’ll try to organize it as best I can. Good luck!”
  • Guild Wars 2 makes the IGN Top 10 PC Games of 2012 list. “It’s been such a long time since Eye of the North. The last expansion to the original Guild Wars came out in 2007, and even back then ArenaNet teased the tie-ins to Guild Wars 2. Years went by without any information, until the studio finally revealed its plans for the sequel. Since then we’ve seen demos, we’ve played it, we’ve interviewed the development team, and every time we walk away with the same impression: Guild Wars 2 is absolutely brilliant. It’s beautiful and packed with creative takes on MMO standards, and will offer plenty for PvPers. Combining an open world, clever ways to encourage social questing and an amazingly flexible customization and combat system, Guild Wars 2 may very well wind up being the best MMO, well, ever. “
  • In case you missed it, our own alexridiculous completes his 8 Professions video series.
  • Dragon Season — Missions. “Today, I am going to talk about the Mission system in Guild Wars. On a basic level, Missions are the same thing as dungeons as in any other MMO RPG within the past 8 years since World of Warcraft was released on the unsuspecting world. But missions do something very different than traditional dungeons. “
  • Kill Ten Rats — Alone Together. “Guild Wars is a sort of accidental MMO, a something else that acquired more MMO elements over time. It was not built with the World of Warcraft feeling of soloing alone together. When you’re soloing, you’re not really ‘together’ in any sense.”
  • The Feral Engineer — No Raids!World of Warcraft defined a generation of games. This is something completely irrefutable. No matter how you look at it, for the past several years since WoW first came into the MMO world, every game after that point was modeled in some way to follow the success of the behemoth. Take RIFT as an example, that entire game is essentially WoW with a more diverse talent system. Even SWTOR does not shy away from the WoW model and the statements of the game being WoW in space are very founded. But without trying to force an argument over which game is better, why that game is better or how those games are not similar in any way, lets get onto topic here.”
  • Tales of Tyria #13: Hardcore vs. Casual. “Not a lot of news this week so we dig into the mailbag to answer some listener questions. We still had time so we figured it was time to try to pin down some definitions: Hardcore and Casual. They mean different things to different types of gamers. Why is there always so much contention beween these two groups? Is there even a separation or are they more alike than they know? That’s the challenge set before our panel this week.”
  • (reposting from — Daniel Dociu thinks Fans will find Guild Wars 2 Worth the Wait. “Paris Games Week may have been over for a couple of months now, but that does not mean that it is done. Just this week, the French site uploaded this video interview with Daniel Dociu, Jeff Grubb and Ben Miller. With a 90-strong art team Daniel Dociu is doing everything to ensure that the Guild Wars 2 fans will find the wait for release well worth it, as is the rest of the ArenaNet crew.”
  • NeoGAF.comGuild Wars 2 News And Information Thread [End of the year update]. I don’t have a handy pull-quote to direct you to this item, but it’s an exhaustive collection of information intended to draw non-GW fans to Guild Wars 2. (H/T to Lensor at for the link to this item.)
  • Guild Wars Insider — Interview with Ree Soesbee. “Earlier this week we had the chance to sit down and chat with ArenaNet’s Ree Soesbee, Writer and Lore & Continuity Designer for Guild Wars 2. The following article is a transcription of the audio interview (also available on iTunes) put together by several people in the community. We highly recommended you give it a listen as Ree is very passionate about gaming, GW2, and her previous works.”
  • Hunter’s Insight — A Profession for Guild Wars 2. “I’ve spent the last month mulling over which of the 8 professions in Guild Wars 2 I might play. There is a lot to consider. Overall I have to pick a profession that is right for me. This is more of a personal rundown of my choices for a profession than a guide for others. The most difficult part of choosing is that Arenanet seems to have included several options to vary your gameplay on each profession. A melee thief can switch to a ranged shortbow or pistols. Both elementalist and necromancer have close ranged options along with the normal spell casting range. Saying I prefer a ranged caster over armoured melee doesn’t seem to matter much.”
  • Guild Wars Insider — Hey, Bookah! “It’s that time again. The time where I’ve completely missed a deadline. That happens quite a bit, the whole, “missing deadlines,
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