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I finally got 100% world exploration on my ranger. The two places I needed to visit were both deep in “enemy territory”, so I had to wait until either Darkhaven overran the objectives (as we did for the penultimate point of interest and vista I needed), or wait until the server order made us the defenders of that territory. About an hour after server reset this week, I’d jumped into WvW and visited the two now-friendly locations and earned this:

World Completion

Even though I’m one of the guild leaders of the Royal Tyrian Highlanders [RTH], I don’t actually invite new members very often. When I do, it’s usually after I’ve worked with a player for a while and gotten a sense of whether they’d be a good fit for our guild. I helped a player get part of the personal story done earlier this week, and asked if they’d be interested in joining RTH. Then I discovered that the guild invitation UI was broken. When I tried to invite the player, I got an error message back that I already belonged to the maximum number of guilds and I’d have to leave one or delete pending guild invitations before I could join this guild. I asked my fellow guild leaders to try inviting the player, but they got the same error message. Later in the evening, Scathac the Lion said it was still possible to invite someone if you were in a party with them, but my prospective new member had already logged off and I was in a different party.

On Tuesday, RTH had finally earned enough Influence to unlock Art of War level 6. Now we only have around seven more days to wait (I think). There was a bit of good news for smaller guilds in that ArenaNet is introducing a new Bounty Hunt Target that will be aimed at smaller guilds, although with our luck, we may not have needed to spend that big wodge of Influence after all … we should find out by Tuesday.

After getting my ranger up to level 80, the next character I wanted to level up was my mesmer. While I was defending Penitent Camp in Cursed Shores, I got a really nice piece of armour as a drop: Mhenlo’s Leggings. I liked the look of the armour on my mesmer (the official wiki only has images of the armour on a male norn — not quite the same), so I started collecting the rest of the set. I’ve got five pieces so far, but I’m having an aesthetic issue with the final piece, which is Mhenlo’s Coat (now that preview is working). Here’s why I’m not as comfortable with how it will look on my character:

Mhenlo's Leggings   Mhenlo's Coat preview
Massilia Naon’s current armour   Massilia wearing Mhenlo’s coat.
“My eyes are up here!”

There’s being subtle and then there’s the female version of Mhenlo’s Coat. Perhaps this is supposed to cause enemies to lose focus on her weapons?

Official Guild Wars 2 news

  • On the official Guild Wars 2 forums, Isaiah Cartwright posted on the topic Upcoming mega boss chest change: “In the next release we will adjust the way that world mega bosses award their loot. The current chests will stay lootable once per day per character, but each boss’s guaranteed rare item drop will be moved to a separate chest (visually similar to daily achievement reward chests) that can only be acquired once per day across an account.”
  • — An interview with Guild Wars 2 team. “I’m pleased to present you an interview with Guild Wars 2 team — Colin Johanson, Jeff Grubb, Leah Rivera, John Smith, Mike Ferguson and Dave Beetlestone. And I want to thank them for their time and all GW2 team for this game! (Maybe they’ll see this ;) ) Note — you will not find any special info about future game updates here, but I hope that you will find here something new and interesting about the game and people, who are working on it :)”
  • — Flame & Frost: The Razing. “A hybrid army erupts through fiery portals in the Shiverpeaks. A Molten Alliance between the dredge and the charr Flame Legion has created a force powerful enough to massacre any who stand in their way. One settlement, one homestead at a time, they’re wiping out all resistance. The razing has begun. In Flame and Frost: The Razing you’ll meet the norn Braham and Rox the charr, two Tyrians who fervently believe in doing what’s right, no matter the risk. Join Braham and Rox in a desperate battle to defend their homelands from annihilation in the third installment in this four-part series!”

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Fan articles and blog posts

  • Hunter’s Insight — Big Chests and Ample Booty. “One of the great improvements to Guild Wars 2 over the past month was the update to several world boss chests. Completing a world boss now means you’re guaranteed at least one rare and as many as 3. This is an improvement over dungeon chests, personal story rewards, or just about any other loot in the game. Fractals had been one of the most profitable activity for me on a daily basis, now it’s going to world boss events.”
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  • Taugrim’s MMO Blog — The End of Culling in Guild Wars 2, a.k.a. Choose Your Own Lag. “While culling created some negative experiences, it also helped to prevent the kind of client-side lag due to mass combat that I’ve experienced in every other MMORPG, including WAR, Aion, and SWTOR. In those games in mass combat, the frame rate dropped significantly and the game client sometimes froze for periods of time as it struggled to render all of the characters and their actions.”
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