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The initial reaction to the final chapter of Flame & Frost: Retribution seems to be strongly positive (except for the vocal minority who are upset that the concluding dungeon, Molten Weapon Facilities, will only be available for a short period). I still haven’t attempted the dungeon yet, due to time constraints, but I hope to get a guild party together to do it this weekend.

The last WvW reset saw a new enemy come down to our tier, and the folks on Sorrow’s Furnace arrived with quite a splash: instead of Darkhaven building up a comfortable lead by Saturday morning (as we’ve done for the past month or more), we found ourselves looking up at a very high scoring SF in first place. It seemed like SF was pulling everyone into WvW, as they seemed to be everywhere. At one point, we seemed to be under attack at just about every tower and keep in our own borderlands. By the end of the weekend, we’d chipped away at SF’s early lead and were down by a much more manageable 5,000 points. As the week wore on, SF’s forces seemed to diminish and we built up a substantial lead (as I’m preparing this column to go live on Friday, the scores are reported as being: Darkhaven 220k, Sorrow’s 180k, and Isle of Janthir 174k).

On Wednesday night I had a weird WvW experience that I hadn’t seen happen before. I was working on upgrading the defences in the Darkhaven garrison in our borderlands (building siege equipment on the walls, specifically), when the garrison suddenly fell without a single enemy appearing. There were no bombarding siege engines, no sign of enemy activity outside the walls, just one moment I’m running back to the supply depot to finish building a cannon and the next I’m in the middle of a pack of enemy NPCs eager to slap me around.

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