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If nothing else the latest content update has turned Southsun Cove into the busiest spot in Tyria. The first time I used the new Asura gate to get there, I found myself in an overflow instance. Haven’t seen those for quite a while. My first visit was keynoted by what happened when I helped someone who was having trouble in a karka fight. I finished off the karka, revived the player, then we both got steamrolled as a party of about five players ran through our location trailing a bunch of karka behind them.

I’m about halfway through the achievements in the renewed content, and I was also delighted to discover I’m not the worst Crab Toss player … both times I attempted to play, I came in second-to-last. I’m so bad at that sort of game that not coming in last makes it a much-better-than-average performance for me.

Official Guild Wars 2 news

  • — Living World: Pivot Point. “The Living World of Guild Wars 2 continues to grow and expand with each new month, and I’ll be your tour guide for May 2013. Scott McG here, Narrative Designer and co-conspirator with fellow GW2 Narrative Designer Angel McCoy. Angel and I laid down the foundations for this year’s grand plan in terms of characters and plot arcs, but so far Angel and her team of artists, designers, writers, and audio engineers have been handling all the work.”
  • — Small squad tactics in WvW. “Isaiah Cartwright offers tips for small squads in WvW.”
  • Twitter — @Brinstar. “Today’s #GuildWars2 livestream was fun. I hopped into WvW and killed a few of my coworkers during the broadcast. :3”
  • On the official Guild Wars 2 forums, Robert Hrouda posted on the topic Monthly SLOW Phases like F&F was?: “The Southsun Shore stuff will not be like the previous Flame and Frost stuff in regards to how time-spanning it was. We’re a separate team than that one, and we have been working on this content while you all were playing F&F content. Our story will last a month and then be over with, and as a result is more condensed. We’ve been listening to the feedback on F&F, and tried our hardest to adjust where possible. So our temporary content will last just the month, but we are making some permanent changes to the island that will persist after the living story bit is over.”
  • — Game Update Notes – May 14, 2013. “The refugees from Flame & Frost who were resettled at Southsun Cove are up in arms over the restrictive residency contracts that prevent them from leaving. Tensions are high, and settlers are brawling with Consortium guards. What’s worse, the island’s local wildlife has been agitated and is even more aggressive and territorial than usual. The Lionguard’s Inspector Kiel has been charged with quelling the violence so it doesn’t interfere with the upcoming Dragon Bash festival in Lion’s Arch. Kiel takes her job seriously, so she’ll need help from players and Researcher Levvi to keep everyone on the island safe from the local wildlife and each other.”
  • On the official Guild Wars 2 forums, Regina Buenaobra posted on the topic Things to do on Southsun Cove (May 14th – May 28th).
  • — Team Spring Break tour of Southsun Cove. “Scott McGough and Leah Rivera give players a tour of what’s new in Southsun Cove.”
  • — Welcome to Paradise. “The ship’s gangplank descended and Inspector Ellen Kiel girded herself to greet the new arrivals. The word from on high was to keep all visitors to Southsun Cove as alive and intact as possible, and Captain Magnus was counting on her to deliver. Magnus navigated the dangerous waters of Captain’s Council politics on behalf of the entire Lionguard. The least Kiel could do to support him was play hostess to the clueless rich folk bamboozled by Consortium promises of fun in the sun.”
  • Added — Crab tossing and jumping puzzles in Southsun Cove. “Guild Wars 2 designer Leah Rivera learns to toss crabs and navigate jumping puzzles with some help from fellow designer Anthony Ordon. Hilarity ensues.”
  • Added YouTube — arenanetofficial: Guild Wars 2 Video: Meet the Consortium. “In this video, Guild Wars 2 Narrative Designer Scott McGough discusses The Consortium, an influential corporation whose pursuit of profit leads to big trouble on the island of Southsun Cove this May.”

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Fan articles and blog posts

  • Nerdy Bookahs — Mini Lion Cub – Miiiine! “I admit it, I’m weak! But doesn’t it look great with my warrior?”
  • GW2 Guru — The Living World: Pivot Point. “Earlier today, Narrative Designer Scott McGough posted a blog post detailing what to expect in the months following the Flame and Frost story arc, specifically the upcoming events in Southsun. One thing to note is that he is not alone in this endeavor. Though McGough and Angel McCoy created the foundation of each story arc, there are several other writers, artists, and designers that work on this content.”
  • Guild Wars 2 Trading Post — The Real Secret of SouthSun. “There is potential for Arenanet to utilize the Karka Shells in some way, especially because these creatures are already present in and around Southsun cove. They could be used for new crafting recipes (although not armor) for example. Even if Karak Shells aren’t used at all, odds are they will rise in price up to the event’s release date, as so many people will have the same ideas as I have had. Even now, the price is starting to rise on these shells. However, speculating is just gambling without understanding the market.”
  • Reddit — We want Cantha, right? Anet will put it in if there is enough call for it, right? So why not pick a day and flood Facebook, Twitter, Etc. asking for this. Let’s pick a day.
  • Reddit — NCsoft 1Q Earnings releases. “I only got three points that interested me. – Box sales have declined and Gem store still remains strong. – Positive feedback from 1st China CBT. – In the Q and A section someone asked about an expac for GW2 the guy responded that they are preparing an expansion as for when the expansion launches they are going to wait and see how everything goes and then determine when to launch.”
  • Dragon Season — What lies in Southsun? “Ever since the players set foot on Southsun Cove back in November 2012, they were amazed by its beautiful sceneries. The inhabitants of the island, the fearsome Karka, have made a name for themselves, be it either with their peculiar appearance or with their pretty annoying, yet challenging, skillset. One thing was for sure though, this tropical paradise was lacking of a very important factor, content.”
  • The Krytan Herald — The Line of Kings – Lore Edition. “The lineage of the Krytan throne is fragmented at best, but we do know it all began with King Doric. He was the first king of the united human kingdoms in Tyria. Crowned during the Season of the Phoenix in Ascalon, he ruled over one kingdom that spanned through Ascalon and Lion’s Arch. All modern royalty in Tyria, including Kryta, are descendants of Doric himself.”
  • Why I Game — BRB, Gonna Hurl. “Killing 40 Ascalonian mobs for the daily has become an extreme endurance challenge. I don’t know if it’s just general nausea getting to me, sitting upright and focusing on reading words on a screen, or if my FOV motion sickness sensitivity has increased from the illness, but I can’t last 10 minutes in game without feeling not-good-at-all and having to close the client before I throw up all over the keyboard.”
  • Dulfy.netGW2 Flame and Frost Epilogue guide. “A guide to the GW2 Flame and Frost Epilogue which started on May 12 noon PST.”
  • Inventory Full — Flame + Frost = Farrago: GW2. “‘Is that it?’ was the refrain that echoed across Tyria as the first chapter of the Living Story limped to a close last night. Listening to map chat in Lion’s Arch it was apparent that few players had read the press releases, seen the interviews or had the slightest idea what was going on.”
  • Gamebreaker.tvGuild Wars 2 Expansion Coming. “A Guild Wars 2 expansion is in the works. In the company’s recent quarterly financial conference call, NCSoft’s Managing Director, Nah Seong Chan, said they are “preparing
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