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Sometime in the last couple of weeks, I’ve started to encounter a bug in the mesmer’s Phase Retreat skill. It’s maddeningly inconsistent, which is why I haven’t been able to figure out the exact conditions to trigger it. Phase Retreat is a staff skill that creates a clone at your position and teleports you backwards. Sometimes when I use this skill, at the end of the teleport I’m rotated at least 90 degrees away from the target and I lose focus on it. While I haven’t actually died due to this bug, it reduces the effectiveness of an otherwise very useful skill.

Official Guild Wars 2 news

  • YouTube — arenanetofficial: Guild Wars 2 Developer Livestream with Anthony Ordon. “Anthony Ordon plays through our newest guild puzzle in Snowden Drifts and answers player questions.”
  • — Dragon Bash. “Lion’s Arch honors the defiant spirit of its citizenry with the rousing Dragon Bash festival, when revelers laugh in the face of fear! Sponsored by the Captain’s Council of Lion’s Arch, Dragon Bash is a month-long celebration packed with all-new activities, fireworks, exclusive rewards, and surprises galore! The festival begins on June 11 and ends on July 9. Show no fear – Dragon Bash is here!”
  • — Adorable New Items in the Gem Store! “The Black Lion Trading Company is proud to introduce a new line of fashionable headwear. These cuddly caps are optimized for cuteness and available in the Gem Store today! We’re pleased to inform you that no critters were harmed in the making of these hats.”
  • Twitter — @GuildWars2. “We know you’re passionate about #GW2, now tell the world that you’re the best community out there! ~RB2″
  • — Devon Carver on the Future of World vs. World. “Greetings! My name is Devon Carver and I’m a designer and the coordinator for the World vs. World team. Over the past few months, we’ve started implementing a series of new mechanics and updates to WvW. Some of these have been small changes, some big. For example, you might have noticed that you can now see all of the people rolling over you in a tide of death.”
  • — Video: Last Stand at Southsun. “In this video, Guild Wars 2 Narrative Designers Scott McGough and Angel McCoy discuss the lore behind the Last Stand at Southsun, the final showdown with the villainous Canach, and the consequences that these events hold for the future of the Living World story.”
  • Twitter — @GuildWars2. “Our next #GW2 developer livestream is this Friday–check out our official @TwitchTV channel for details: ~RB2″
  • Twitter — @GuildWars2. “The guys at @powerunlimited bash a Dragon Piñata in this video. Check it out!
  • Twitter — @GuildWars2. “Also, the guys from @buffedde show their Piñata-bashing skills with Monthy Python style video ^DO”
  • YouTube — arenanetofficial: Guild Wars 2 Dragon Bash Festival — All-New Content Begins 11th June! “Show no fear with the all-new Dragon Bash festival in Guild Wars 2, starting 11th June! The Dragon Bash festival features destructible dragon effigies, mini-games, prizes, fireworks and exclusive rewards like the Horns of the Dragon helm and the Holographic Dragon Bash Wings!”
  • — Dragon Bashers Welcome. “Hi, my name is Steve Hwang, and I bash dragons. The war against the Elder Dragons can take its toll on the even heartiest of heroes. With that in mind, the June Living World team has made it our goal to put some fun back in dragon bashing with the new Dragon Bash festival.”
  • — Introducing Changes to the PvP Leaderboards. “Hello, this is John Corpening, PvP Team Lead, and I’d to let you know about some changes going into the PvP ratings system. We understand that sometimes a player needs to take a break from PvP to play WvW, continue their personal story, or explore the ever-changing world after working hard to climb the PvP leaderboards. To be fair to those who continue to work their way up in the rankings, however, we will be implementing an adjustment of a small percentage of your rating based on the amount of time since you last played a match.”
  • On the official Guild Wars 2 forums, Colin Johanson posted on the topic More updates than MMOs with Subs?: “We’ve been playing around so far this year with a lot of different concepts to see what works for a living world game, and see what players liked and didn’t like. Based on all of your feedback, you’ll be seeing a greater degree of permanent content built into future living world releases in 2013. And of course, some things you’ve seen before may return again, in its current form but updated like SAB or holiday festivals, or in a new form entirely….”
  • Twitter — @GuildWars2. “English #GW2 wiki administrators are asking the community what they think about the wiki, join them here: ~RB2″
  • Added — Introducing the Guild Wars 2 Authorized Shoutcaster Program. “Hello! I’m Allie Murdock, the PvP Community Coordinator here at ArenaNet. With the beta release of Custom Arenas and Spectator Mode, we’ve seen a huge amount of tournaments spring up; many with great quality shoutcasting. It’s truly been a blast to listen to these Guild Wars 2 PvP shoutcasts, and that positive experience is one we will help perpetuate with our new Authorized Shoutcaster Program.”
  • Added Twitch.tvGuild Wars 2 Developer Livestream with Tirzah Bauer. “Tirzah plays through the Hidden Garden jumping puzzle in Guild Wars 2‘s Mount Maelstrom and answers viewer questions.”
  • Added — Weekend Sale—Save 20% on Character Slot Expansions! “This Friday June 7 through Sunday June 9, Evon Gnashblade is shredding the price of Character Slot Expansions! You can find them for 20% off in the Upgrades category of the Gem Store.”

Recent GuildMag posts

  • Dragon Bash Festival Coming June 11. “The Dragon Bash festival is coming on June 11! Lasting for 4 weeks, the festival boasts all sorts of delights.”
  • Living Story, WvW, and Animal Hats. “While The Last stand at Southsun Cove is still going on, Scott McGough and Angel McCoy put things into the Living Story perspective and tells us what we’ll see next in a new Living World video over at the ArenaNet YouTube channel.”
  • More Details on Dragon Bash and Changes to PvP Leaderboards. “ArenaNet shares more details on the upcoming Dragon Bash festival and explains the reasoning behind the changes from the old Dragon Festival, a festival that was celebrated 250 years ago when Cantha was still accessible.”

Fan articles and blog posts

  • — Meta Event Notifier. “Guided Daggers has done some updates on his awesome meta event notifier that he created with the official Guild Wars 2 API.”
  • Black Lions Profit — Trade(r) Secrets: Improving Productivity. “Like me, you probably spend a lot of your time in Guild Wars 2 researching markets and undercutting competitors on the Trading Post. However, speaking from experience this can quickly get addictive and before you know it you have just spent the last three hours systemically listing 20000 onions for sale when you could have been doing something a lot more fun.”
  • Guild Wars 2 Hub — Secret of Southsun: First Impressions. ““Is South Sun Cove’s content good?” It’s a question I’ve been asking myself over recent days, having looked back across this months double delivery of content. Criticizing free content or blinding praising it, simply because it is free, is not a particularly objective way of analysing what ArenaNet produce. The way in which they are creating content and delivering it at break-neck speeds is worthy of much support by the community.”
  • Pixel Heals — How Guild Wars 2 Ruined Other MMOs for Me Part 1. “Once I set down to finally do this blog post I realized there was too much to include in just one post. So I decided to do a short series on my blog on the reasons why I love Guild Wars 2 and why it has ruined other MMOs for me.”
  • Greibach’s Normal Form — The Living Story in Review. “As we’re moving into the final phase of the final phase of our second installment of the Living Story, I thought I would take a few minutes to take a step back and review what we’ve seen from this experiment, and what we have learned. It seems that ANet is really trying to make this content work, and since it is new territory for both them and us, they are trying different things out. We started with a 3 month long series, Flame and Frost, and are about to finish the 3-ish week long Southsun arc.”
  • Healing the masses — WvW/PvP Updates and Improvements. “The second biggest change for wvw has landed and from now on there will be a certain deviation involved in how the servers are matched up. Hopefully with this change to the glicko formula the system won’t be as resistant to change as fighting people further from your own rating enables a lot more deviation. There seemed to be a a few issues finalising it and leaderboards may not be running for a bit but the new matches are live. For good or bad we really don’t know yet… Tier one has remained the same but other servers have faced massive changes which has resulted in some being matched up far higher than is really appropriate.”
  • Guild Wars 2 Trading Post — The Fallacy that is Market Control. “It is true that individuals can have a massive impact on the economy, but the will of the many is far superior to even the richest trading post gurus. When millions are playing, their collective decisions are what make you gold, not your Ebeneser-Scrooge-Tycoon-Style-Monopolizing.”
  • Dulfy.netGW2 Gemstore Fuzzy Animal Hats. “Screenshots of the GW2 Animal Hats introduced with the Gemstore update on June 4, 2013. All of the animal hats are town clothing and account bound. Unfortunately, since they are town clothing, they cannot be worn at the same time as the Quaggan backpack.”
  • Wolf Wanderings — Divided We Fall? “A lot of times in gaming we refer to the players as either Hardcore or Casual. I’ve been thinking of this a lot lately and feeling like I don’t really fit in either category. I like hard content, I like a challenge, but I also hate banging my head against the wall at something that is beyond me. I can’t commit to a gaming schedule, but I like to do more than run around alone all the time.”
  • Reddit — Why I think Arena Net are going completely the wrong way with this games development. “I just do not understand the direction they are taking this game. Between a focus on core systems (spectator, WvW ranking etc – definitively needed!) & temporary content we have been left with very little in the form of real game developing content.”
  • Twitter — @Lykk_. “Breaking News: Moose is being the next playable race. #GW2 #GuildWars2 #Supafly”
  • GW2 Guru — Targeting Adjustments. “Evan Lesh has posted to let players know there are some changes to the current targeting system in the pipeline. First off, there will be a toggle button added that can turn off object selection after the right mouse button has been released. While this change is expected to drop in the next patch, the second fix of lowering the click threshold to avoid apparent dead-clicks is still being tested internally.”
  • Guild Wars 2 Trading Post — How can the trading post be fun? “Can the trading post really be fun instead of work? For most people, the trading post feels like a wall they have to climb. Probably as fearsome as “The Wall
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