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The Dragon Bash is in full swing (there’s probably a piñata joke there, but I’m too lazy to find it), and most folks seem quite happy to take part. As I ran around Lion’s Arch on opening day, I found the piñatas had an odd glitch: if you stood beside one just as another player bashed it, it disappeared but you didn’t get the Zhaitaffy reward. If you were a bit further back, it didn’t disappear when the other player hit it. I don’t know if that’s intentional or if there’s a range effect going on (turns out it was a bug: it was fixed in Thursday’s patch).

On Monday night, Darkhaven was one of the servers hit by some WvW outage, so a small group of would-be WvWers from the Royal Tyrian Highlanders were left to wander the PvE world. I was even lured into a jumping puzzle (shudder!). At the end of the JP, we saw a player being mobbed by centaurs, so we intervened to save him … and then realized it was someone who’d gone AFK in a dangerous place. The four of us hung around for a few minutes, wiping out the centaur mobs and the veterans as they spawned until I said to everyone “Y’know, this is fun, but it kinda feels like we’re picking on grade school kids and taking their lunch money…” We moved on after that.

No improvement on the Twitter front: not only is the original moron’s @CptCalhaan bot still drowning out most of the traffic on the #GuildWars2 hashtag, there’s a second bot account set up by some other moron that re-tweets some of the original spam (@GW2Bot). Pack it in, guys.

Official Guild Wars 2 news

  • — Guild Wars 2 Developer Livestream with Will Fairfield, Part 1 & Part 2. “Will previews Dragon Bash!”
  • — Roundup: Dragon Bash in the Real World. “Dragon Bash is almost here! We made some real-world versions of the dragon piñatas you’ll find in Guild Wars 2 tomorrow and shared them with our friends at various gaming sites for their very own Dragon Bash. Everyone filmed the bashing, and the results were as epic as they were varied. Thanks to everyone for sharing their videos, and we’ll see you tomorrow at Dragon Bash!”
  • — Game Update Notes – June 11th, 2013. “The Ship’s Council of Lion’s Arch is sponsoring Dragon Bash, a celebration of the Tyrian spirit and resolve to defeat the elder dragons. Bash on dragon piñatas in cities and shoot fireworks at the giant holographic Shatterer dragon projected over Lion’s Arch. Revel in activities such as the Dragon Ball Arena and bet on moa racing. Across the countryside, players will discover mini-projectors that will test their mettle versus holographic dragon minions! The celebration includes two must-see events: The fireworks show during the first weekend repeats every two hours, and attendees who watch the finale will receive a dragon helm. Then the week after, players can enter the effigy ceremony and witness the cultural representatives as they join the Captain’s Council in burning the dragon effigies in the Grand Piazza of Lion’s Arch. It promises to be an exciting time for all.”
  • — A Guide to Dragon Bash. “Hello, fellow Dragon Bashers! Want to know where to go and how to get started with the celebration? Read on!”
  • YouTube — arenanetofficial: The Origins of the Guild Wars 2 Dragon Bash Theme Song. “A behind-the-scenes look at the recording of the Dragon Bash theme song”
  • On the official Guild Wars 2 forums, aussieheals.6843 posted on the topic Mist League Vs ArenaNet: “You heard it here first folks, ArenaNet face off against Mist League to Celebrate our Launch! Where can we watch it? – – Official Mist League Site – –”
  • Twitter — @GuildWars2. “Are you into the PvP and speak italian? is working on a fournament next week. Registration closes June 16th at noon (UTC+2)” [Raphia: Not certain what a “fournament” is, but check the website for details.]
  • Added On the official Guild Wars 2 forums, Martin Kerstein posted on the topic Fireworks Thread – Overflow and Achievement issues: “Let me explain how this works. The firework event cycle (them happening every two hours) was started at 9:00 AM PDT. The event itself is tied to the ingame time and will happen at dawn (ingame). So your fireworks might not have happened yet, as it is not dawn ingame. Apologies for us not communicating this more clearly. But the fireworks will happen every two hours over the course of the weekend, so plenty of time to marvel at them and get the achievement.”
  • Added YouTube — arenanetofficial: The Guild Wars 2 Team Bashes the Dragon at the ArenaNet office . “We saved one Guild Wars 2 dragon pinata for ourselves, and had our own Dragon Bash celebration here at the ArenaNet studio–complete with a song!”
  • Added — Attend the effigy lighting ceremony on June 18! “As you read this, I hope you’re enjoying the first weekend of Dragon Bash, watching fireworks pelt the holographic Shatterer over the skies of Lion’s Arch, and sporting your new Horns of the Dragon helm. The June Living World team wants you to know that there is more to come. The Dragon Bash reaches its climax on June 18 with the effigy lighting ceremony, a single-player instance called Memories on the Pyre.”
  • Added GuildWars2.comGuild Wars 2 Video: Celebrating Dragon Bash at RPC. “Every year tens of thousands descend upon Cologne, Germany, to attend RPC 2013 (Role Play Convention) one of the largest Sci-Fi & Fantasy role play event in Europe. What better place to break the fourth wall and bring our Dragon Bash celebration into the real world and also to the Guild Wars 2 community?”

Recent GuildMag posts

  • Participate in the Authorized Shoutcaster Program. “With the success of the tournaments for Guild Wars 2 that have come past, ArenaNet announced that they will now be running a special Authorized Shoutcaster Program for the game to promote eSports. Shoutcasters that have stood out during the past few weeks have already received their status and are also eligible to open up their own Custom Arena.”
  • Twitter — @GuildMag. “With the Dragon Bash festival coming up early next week, what feature are you looking forward to most? #Questiontime #GW2 #GuildWars2”
  • Dynamically Spoken — Episode 19: Bash the Dragon. “Episode 19 is here! This week we discuss the latest Guild Wars 2 holiday festival: the Dragon Bash. We cover the activities on offer, our hopes for the festival and the awesome rewards. Plus we round up our thoughts on Southsun, Steve takes us through the latest in the sPvP world and Rohan gets his bubble burst. Watch below and let us know your thoughts on the topics covered!”

Fan articles and blog posts

  • Hunter’s Insight — City and Colour. “In an effort to start blogging again instead of writing an essay on a subject and then not posting it because of how long and boring it is, I think I’ll just start throwing down far shorter posts about random things I talk about with friends. For instance, I want more reasons to go to the racial cities.”
  • Guild Wars 2 Hub — API Spotlight. “Now that the APIs from ArenaNet have been released for awhile now, I think it’s a good time to discuss some programs that I use personally and that I think you will find use in as well! From a new twist on a Event tracker to a Legendary Tracker, you will undoubtedly find something to use if you don’t use it already!”
  • Dulfy.netGW2 Shortbow Skin Gallery. “GW2 shortbow gallery with a list of all the unique shortbow skins available along with high res screenshots and their methods of acquisition.”
  • Healing the masses — Beliefs in a WvW Blog. “More talk regarding plans for wvw recently and there is a lot of information in this new post about the plans Devon has for WvW in the future. He acknowledges many of the issues that WvW has such as the dominance of zergs, commanding tools, siege, and player activities. Another point was that they may be introducing a flux events type mechanic from GW1 could make it more interesting again, changing the rules of play occasionally would enable them to quickly test changes but also help in changing the meta a little.”
  • Guild Wars 2 Hub — Mesmer Build Guide: Phantasm/Sword/Pistol/Greatsword. “In this guide we present to you a mesmer build focused on utilizing a combination of sword main-hand and pistol off-hand. This build is capable of dealing incredibly high damage and does, in many ways, play similarly to the sword/sword approach but with greater ranged damage. Alongside the use of the pistol is also a clear focus on maintaining your phantasms, rather than shattering them. “
  • Guild Wars 2 Trading Post — Salvaging Rares for Profit. “I received an email yesterday, and I’ll paraphrase the question: “When I salvage 18 rares I seem to make a 40 silver to 1 gold profit, but when I try to salvage 100 of them the next day I am losing money. Why?” There are numerous reasons for why this is failing, and some of them might surprise you.”
  • The Orr Orator — Fight the Karka Threat.
  • Guild Wars 2 Trading Post — How to Determine Minimum Price to Sell At. “just a useful hint to share with everyone: If you are buying at highest buyer price and want to know what is the minimum price for sale, you have to multiply your buy price by 1,1765 which is the rounded reciprocal of 0,85.”
  • Dragon Season — Smash the Dragon. “The tradition of the Dragon Festival originates back in the era of Guild Wars 1. It was a time where people used to worship Dragons, be it by organizing spectacular activities or by bringing to life marvelous spectacles. So magnificent the whole custom was, that everyone throughout Tyria could be heard discussing about it. Such times though, have come and gone… Dragons these days have left their lair and haunt our dreams. We cannot celebrate about them anymore. It’s either us or them now.”
  • Malefic Incantations — The State of Alts in Guild Wars 2. “Hello dear readers! I haven’t published anything in quite awhile. If you haven’t been following my tweets over the last few months, you may have missed that I crafted my first Legendary weapon, Kraitkin, made some serious money opening Orrian jewelry boxes, kept up to date with all the Living Story content, and completed my Dungeon Master title.”
  • GW2 GuruGW2G Dragon Bash Preview. “Unless you’ve been living under a karka-sized rock for the past month, you’ve probably heard something about the upcoming Dragon Bash holiday event. An evolution of the Dragon Festival celebrated in the original Guild Wars, the Dragon Bash will introduce several new goodies and activities that will no doubt keep even the least festive spirit going for hours. Whether you have your eye on one (or all) of the new Jade weapon skins, or just want to kill a few hours a day in the Dragon Ball arena, in traditional Guild Wars fashion, the Dragon Bash gives something for everybody to sink their teeth into.”
  • Project Tyria — Port Sledge. “I’ve been fighting the Mark II Golem quite a bit lately, and every time I’ve been to the Old Port Sledge waypoint, I’ve tried to remind myself to get myself back into Guild Wars and take corresponding screenshots. There are a lot of broken bridges in the area and it still amazes me how much melted snow and floral growth changes an area, of course with 250 years on top of that.”
  • Black Lions ProfitGold Wars 2 Update: New Knowledge Base! “Today Gold Wars 2 has released a new update for their tool, including a brilliant knowledge base designed to share with you the best gold making guides around the web and to also teach you how to use all of the awesome Gold Wars 2 features.”
  • Guild Wars 2 Hub — Dragon Bash Begins! “We met up with ArenaNet’s Will Fairfield in Lion’s Arch for a guided tour of the Dragon Bash festivities. With a full party and bags full of fireworks, we set out to discover what Dragon Bash was really all about. While he had time, we also asked him the various community questions we received that hadn’t yet been answered.”
  • Guild Wars 2 Hub — Dragon Bash: First Impressions. “In this piece, Lee and I provide our first impressions of Guild Wars 2‘s latest content: Dragon Bash. Having sat down with ArenaNet for a guided tour of the event we were keen to let you know our thoughts.”
  • Guild Wars 2 Hub — Dragon Bash Screenshot Gallery. “With Dragon Bash right around the corner, we were lucky enough to get a whole host of screenshots from ArenaNet for your viewing pleasure.”
  • Guild Wars 2 Hub — Dragon’s Jade Weapon Gallery. “In this gallery we present to you all the Dragon’s Jade Weapons. Similarly to the Molten Weapons, these can only be obtained by picking up a Dragon’s Jade Claim ticket. Luckily these tickets can be acquired relatively frequently from the various Dragon Coffers that drop when you partake in Dragon Bash events or activities.”
  • Guild Wars 2 Hub — Dragon Ball Guide. “In this guide we provide you with all you need to know about Guild Wars 2‘s latest PvP addition. Unfortunately Dragon Ball isn’t a permanent feature and will only be in the game until the end of Dragon Bash; make the most of it now.”
  • Guild Wars 2 Hub — Guide to Moa Racing. “Moa Racing is a new permanent addition to Guild Wars 2 that is located in Lion’s Arch. Moa Racing allows a number of players to bet on any 5 Moa. The cost of a bet is 50 silver with prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The outcome of race cannot be interfered with, as the Moa’s will automatically run around the track once the race begins. You can choose to follow your Moa to watch the race unfold or you can wait at the finish line to see who has won.”
  • Guild Wars 2 Hub — Dragon Bash: Pinata Location Guide. “In this guide we will be covering the easiest way to get your 150 pinatas as quickly as possible. The path involves going through Lion’s Arch for it’s 35 Pinatas a little over four times over. You can do this by logging on one character and knock out the 35, then hop to another character and do this over and over again til it’s done.”
  • Guild Wars 2 Hub — Dragon Bash: “So Lifelike” Achievement Guide. “Throughout all the Explorable Zones in Tyria (with the exception of Southsun Cove) you will find Dragon Holograms. Activating these Holograms will cause a horde of Holographic Minions to spawn that you need to cut down to achieve both the “So Lifelike” achievement as well as farm Dragon Coffers and Zhaitaffy. In this guide we’ll cover the swiftest methods and get you on the right track to getting all the nifty Dragon Bash items.”
  • Dulfy.netGW2 Developer Livestream: Dragon Bash preview notes. “Some notes on the GW2 developer livestream featuring the upcoming Dragon Bash festival.”
  • Reddit — (TC) Fireside chat with former Lead Producer in LA! “Tonight on Tarnished Coast a Dev (Snowcrash) descended from on high to walk amongst the unwashed masses in Lion’s Arch, answering questions and amassing quite the little circle of listeners.” [Raphia: Hat tip to Dragon Season‘s Tilion for the link.]
  • The Faceroll Network — Raiding in GW2, Some Hope. “Thanks to Dragon Season, I caught wind of some new buzz about Guild Wars 2 because of Snowcrash and his visit to Tarnished Coast. I’m not sure what he was doing there, but last time I was there, I tried to roleplay. Here’s what ended up happening. Two people outside the bar said they were dueling, but there were no fisticuffs. It looked more like this. So I went back into the bar on my norn and started buying shots. I kept saying I wanted pretzels but the barkeep was having none of it, so I went to the back cooking area myself. Then I fat fingered my elite, which was bear form at the time, and I kind destroyed the kitchen just trying to get out.”
  • Massively Massively seeks a new Guild Wars 2 columnist. “Yes folks, it’s that time again: the time when Massively hops into the hiring channel and says, “Looking for more!” We’re looking to hire fresh meat a new staff member for the site, a Guild Wars 2 columnist to keep up the quality of our GW2 coverage as produced by past experts Lis Cardy and Rubi Bayer and our interim Flameseeker Chronicles video guru Richie Procopio.”
  • Taugrim’s MMO Blog — Why PVE Content Shouldn’t Be a Coral Reef. “Last year on, I shared my analogy of PVE content and the coral reef. The majority of PVE content that has been released over the past 5 years has sadly looked like a coral reef. What the heck do I mean by this? Coral reefs are spectacularly beautiful, and my wife and I have dived and snorkeled in some pretty amazing areas around the world. The thing to understand about reefs is that the living corral is on the outermost section of the corral. Under than top-layer of coral, you have the dead husks of previous generations of coral. That is, it’s dead. I’m no marine biologist, but you get the idea.”
  • Duke — Devon Carver on the Future of World vs. World – “I think that this is a good article and at least Devon acknowledges the existing flaws with WvWvW. A problem with it is that it doesn’t actually volunteer any specific solutions to the issues people face when in WvWvW. I understand the need for a certain level of ambiguity if nothing is set in stone on the development side, but at the moment it just looks like a Community Manager just went through the WvWvW forums, identified some of the more popular issues and then laid them out in an article”
  • Pixel Heals — How Guild Wars 2 Ruined Other MMOs for Me Part 2: Questing. “In more traditional MMOs when it comes to questing the player usually goes to a specific person to pick up the quest, then goes to collect and/or kill things and returns to turn in the quest. In Guild Wars 2 the questing is very different, the quests seem to pick you up. As you walk around quests will pop up for you to do, they might be to kill certain enemies, assist NPCs with something, and/or gather items. This doesn’t sound too different you might think but it is actually, quite different.”
  • — Hot issues in Guild Wars 2. “The game has been out for quite a while now, and we’ve seen countless fixes. From fixing broken trait lines, to broken events, and even redoing Ascalon Catacombs. But there are larger issues in the game, and I would like to discuss those. I’d also like to know your thoughts on these issues, and how you think they could be resolved.”
  • Black Lions Profit — A Question about our Guild Wars 2 Flipping Guide. “I’m just writing because I wanted to ask a few questions and tell you I really liked your guide on flipping items on the Trading Post in Guild Wars 2. I have a few questions I’m hoping you can answer”
  • Dragon Season — Dragon Bash rewards guide. “Well, it’s not actually a guide; it’s more like a check-list of what to earn and how to get it :)”
  • Dulfy.netGW2 Moa Racing guide. “A guide to GW2 Moa racing introduced as part of the Dragon Bash Festival.”
  • Dulfy.netGW2 Dragon’s Jade Weapon gallery. “A gallery showing off all the GW2 Dragon’s Jade weapons available as part of Dragon Bash festival. All of the following skins are account bound and can be acquired from Dragon’s Jade Claim Ticket. These claim tickets are acquired rarely from normal Dragon Coffers you can find from killing holographic minions in the open world or from Rich Dragon Coffers you can purchase from the gemstore. Claim ticket can be traded in with the Black Lion Weapon Specialist just behind and above the Black Lion Trading Post in Lion’s Arch.”
  • Dulfy.netGW2 Dragon Ball guide. “A guide to the GW2 Dragon Ball mini game introduced with the Dragon Bash Festival.”
  • Dulfy.netGW2 Dragon Bash achievement guide. “A guide to the GW2 Dragon Bash achievements as part of the Dragon Bash festival update. NOTE: The Big Boom in the Big City, Case Closed, the Ceremony and Acrimony achievement line, and Burn Down The Dragons cannot be completed until additional Dragon Bash content is unlocked at a later time.”
  • Dulfy.netGW2 Zhaitaffy Dragon Bash guide. “A guide to acquiring and using Zhaitaffy, Jorbreaker, and the Holographic Dragon Wing Cover during the GW2 Dragon Bash festival”
  • Dulfy.netGW2 Dragon Bash Festival guide. “A guide to the GW2 Dragon Bash Festival. Guides are updated throughout the day as more information becomes available.”
  • Dulfy.netGW2 Dragon Bash Minis. “Screenshots of the GW2 Dragon Bash minis that one can acquire in the GW2 Dragon Bash Festival”
  • Guild Wars 2 Hub — Dragon Bash Achievement Guide. “In this guide we provide you with the details on just how to complete the Dragon Bash achievements.”
  • Inventory Full — Dragon Bash Is For Tinies.
  • Guild Wars 2 Trading Post — Cutting Losses on the TP. “There is something I would like to ask your advice on, when starting out I saw there was money to be made with cauliflower, it was small but the item sold very quick making it worth it. I put down a bunch of buy orders (1200) which got filled but the price has dropped now below where I would even break even on them. Should I cut my losses and sell for what I can get or wait it out and hope the price comes back up?”
  • Why I Game — All Aboard the Dragon (Bash) Wagon. “I didn’t bother writing much about the rest of the Canach event. It was uneventful and there wasn’t much to comment about. And now the Dragon Bash is upon us. If there’s two things I’ve had a revelation about, it’s these. 1) I really like ArenaNet’s art, especially for seasonal events. 2) It all ultimately revolves around gold in the end.”
  • Kill Ten Rats — Smashing, Bashing. “The newest Guild Wars 2 festival is upon us. The Dragon Bash Festival is a couple week event centered mostly around Lion’s Arch and surrounding areas. It is beautiful, fun, and tiring all at once. There are some fantastic moments and rough edges as is likely to be expected in an MMO where new content is flying down from on high every two weeks.”
  • Guild Wars 2 Trading Post — Turn Guild Wars 2 into “Gold Wars 2“. “Here are the steps to how Gold Wars 2 saves you time searching for the best deals on the Trading Post…”
  • Why I Game — Dragon Ball – Hits and Misses. “Finally got around to playing Dragon Ball. I stopped by the Heart of the Mists first to tweak my default PvP costume a little (mostly removing the helm because I’m vain and it’s the dorkiest looking thing on an asura.) It’s not like I could do much more than that and change a few dye colors as I rarely sPvP at best.”
  • — Let’s Get Ready to Ruuuummmbbbbllleee! eSports in GW2. “Mist League officially started their effort to bring Guild Wars 2 to eSports on June 15th, but tomorrow they scored a match against Anet developers! It starts Friday the 14th at 5:30pm Pacific (12:30am Sat UTC) and you can watch it on their Twitch.TV channel.”
  • Guild Wars 2 Trading Post — Time to Buy Unidentified Dyes. “I don’t know if anyone else is noticing, probably not due to the Dragon craziness going on, but unidentified dyes are at the lowest they have been in like two months! I’m getting as many buy orders as I can in now because I know it won’t be long before dyes hit 20 silver again. Keep in mind that this isn’t for weak stomachs, as a single buy order of 250 dyes costs around 38 gold right now. But if things pan out as I hope they will, then each stack will turn into 42.5 gold after fees.”

Videos and podcasts

  • YouTube — CoTPodcast: Skritt and Dredge – GW2 Fan Song! “Our super talented Naveen recently made a rap based on some shenanigans during the CoT Podcast. We’ve made this video so you can properly enjoy her lore-based beats. Props to CitrusRobot for the idea of a skritt and dredge rap! ~Kaysee”
  • SOAC Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Podcast: Attunement Swap – Episode 2. “This week on the amazing Elementalist podcast, Zoose and Aiden meet up with Denshee of TCG. Denshee is one of the top Necromancers on the EU Tournament scene. They discuss the multiple variations of the Elementalists, key traits to look for, and where the ele can go in order to grow and get more help on the NA side. They also just kick back and have a good time talking with the fans. So sit back and enjoy Zoose, Aiden, and Denshee as they talk Manmode Elementalist.”
  • SOAC Guild Wars 2 Warrior Podcast: Adrenaline Rising – Episode 1. “In the first ever episode of Adrenaline Surge your Guild Wars 2 Warrior Podcast with Deany Kong and K-pop. We had a great time discussing the many avenues of Warrior play. We covered multiple ways to improve the class and had a great time discussing burst skills. Join the guys from Adrenaline Surge every week Sunday’s at 11am.”
  • Massively — Video preview of Guild Wars 2‘s Dragon Bash Festival. “ArenaNet’s content train for Guild Wars 2 continues to chug along at full speed, and the next stop is the Dragon Bash festival. Unlike the Dragon Festival of the original Guild Wars, this festival won’t find anyone revering dragons. The Elder Dragons put a kibosh on any warm sentiments that the humanoids of Tyria might have had for them in the past. Dragon Bash is all about unifying the races in celebration during these dark and terrifying times by distracting them with fireworks, gambling, and candy-filled dragon piñatas! The celebrations officially kick off tomorrow, but we have a video preview of the Dragon Bash celebrations to whet your appetite.”
  • Guild Wars Reporter Episode 64. “This week’s show has Chris and Celeste talking about the Southsun Coast content, the wealth of news that has recently released and the future of the game.”
  • Guild Wars 2 Hub — This Is How We Handle A Dragon. “Ten Ton Hammer and GW2Hub received a Pinata from Arena Net and we knew that we had to find just the right way of bringing our brand of candy-filled carnage.”
  • SoundCloud GW2 – Owain’s Eggs [In the Style of California Girls by the Beach Boys]. “Owain is one of the NPCs located on Southsun. She’s been there since the first time Tyrians first stepped onto the island. The poor girl is a bit scrambled, but makes some crazy eggs. According to a log book found on Southsun, Owain came to the island along with Canach. What happened in between then and now is yet unknown. Special thanks to AJ, Triggersad, and Damagedself who looked over some of the lyrics for me! Your suggestions were great!”
  • YouTube — Dontain: Dragon Bash Incoming, Southsun Cove (Very Difficult), Razer, and GuildCast.
  • Chronicles of Tyria — CoTLoreBytes #4 – Captain’s Council. “Lagwyn lays some lore on you!”
  • Massively — Flameseeker Chronicles: Temporary content in Guild Wars 2. “Dragon Bash hits Guild Wars 2 today, and if you haven’t yet checked out our video preview of the festivities, what are you waiting for? Dragon Bash is a holiday event, so much of what we’ll be seeing in this update will be temporary content. These limited-time events have been the subject of much conversation in the community of late and, consequently, they’re the topic of today’s video edition of the Flameseeker Chronicles. Let’s get to it!”
  • Chronicles of Tyria — CoTLorecast #3 – Dragon Festival. “Your hosts discuss GW1′s Dragon Festival”
  • YouTube — Scion Storm Gaming: Guild Wars 2: Dragon Bash Achievements. “Dragon Bash is here and the response is mixed. I however like it no it doesn’t blow me away but I do like it. And I’ll do what I need to do for those wings feel me? You can only do 8 out of the 14 achievements this week. So no wings for us this week as you need 10 for the meta. Below is what you can actually do right now. For exact locations you can check the vid.”
  • YouTube — St.A.G: STAG plays Guild Wars 2 – ep 16 – Escape to L.A. “The lads hatch a plan to bust Mr Cain out earlier than expected. What awaits them now outside Rata Sum?”
  • GW2Tube — Dragon Bash – Jade Weapon Preview.
  • SOACGuild Wars 2 Ranger podcast: Arrow To The Knee – E05. “Hello everyone! I would like to present you with the latest work from ATTK! This week we receive Eurantien, a NA Tpvp experienced Ranger on our show, setting the perfect scenario for Battosai to finally get the chance to chase down his favorite subject: TPVP. The long awaited topic is finally upon us. So, why not simply unleash Battosai and Eurantien on you, dear listeners, as they furiously compare notes about the current state of the Ranger in the meta game? I thought it was a pretty good idea myself, thank you. And yet, the plot thickens… The Spirit Ranger lives! And by the looks of it, he might actually stand his own ground, renewing faith in a more team supportive build for the profession. The cast takes a rundown of how they see the Ranger and some of his main assets, touching base on several points of interest (i.e. good team compositions for the ranger, role/map/strategy analysis per build, survival tips, and even some general pvp need to know basics).”
  • Guild Wars 2 Hub — Optimised Pinata/Firework Route. “In this guide we provide you with an optimised route for collecting Pinata’s and Fireworks in Lion’s Arch. In addition, we’ve also presented a video below to show you the route in action as well as a few sneaky tips.”
  • YouTube — WoodenPotatoes: GW2 Mysteries: Asuran Origins. “Just a little story about the origins of the Asura and a theory that, if true, could point to them betraying us all. Hope you guys enjoy! There were a few Asuran cities underground that we know about which I didn’t mention, but otherwise I think this is about all of it.”
  • Relics of Orr — The dragon bash is here! “The dragon bash is here folks and we have all the details, or at least most of them. In our inaugural episode as part of the Faceroll Network Erik, Kate and Christian discuss the dangers of gambling, a lore analysis of the dragon festival and our theories as to what ANet’s ‘answer to raiding’ looks like (hint* FoW). This episode has 75% less ranting and 100% the same number of tinfoil hats a previous episodes and is approved for viewing by the ESRB (Evee Show Ratings and Bombast).”
  • SOACGuild Wars 2 Thief Podcast: Revealed – Yishi – Episode 3. “In this week’s episode of Revealed, your fantastic thief podcasters Jumper and Markus Valadir ran a bit late thanks to a fire breaking out in Markus house (I think they heard thieves might get buffed haha). However, the show got rolling and the thief community trickled into to hear and see the great Yishi. They talked about the differences between wvwvw and tournament thieves, why Pistol/Pistol still doesn’t work, and some tips and tricks for great thief play!”
  • SOACGuild Wars 2 Necromancer Podcast: But of Corpse – Episode 18. “In this week’s death defying episode of But of Corpse, our Necromancer hosts, Bhawb and Gibbly, have the privilege of working with Ascii of WvWvW fame. Ascii educates them on the principles of wvwvvw play. He illustrates some of the strongest portions of the Necromancer, and how the game is played from the side of the Necromancer.”
  • Chronicles of Tyria — CoTPodcast #50 – Bash the Dragon.


  • A Tyrian Odyssey — Last Stand at Southsun. “Days after investigating the rise in attacks on Southsun Cove, the Lionguard pinpointed Canach’s location. Ellen Kiel requested my assistance immediately at the Bakestone Caverns. I could tell by her letter, that apprehending the sylvari secondborn would be no easy task. And upon arriving at his hideout, my suspicions were confirmed when I spotted mines throughout the cave. However thanks to Researcher Levvi’s efforts, her new mine detecting gun would enable me to detect and deactivate his traps.”
  • The Krytan Herald — Bull’s Eye Guide – On the Nerve of Mehkunnah. “Let it never be said, dear readers, that I do not suffer for my art. I put effort in to my work. Genuine blood, sweat and all other manner of bodily fluids are in the essence of every bit of ink you read before you. A few weeks back I went in to talks with a fellow journalist about the growing drug culture of Divinity. I’m not opposed to it myself, everyone needs a kick now and then, but sadly there is always another layer under the surface of our pleasures. A layer that never ceases to find new and interesting ways to hurt us. I offered to help out with their investigation, and in the process do some ‘investigating’ of my own.”

Community Events

  • BinaryBeast — SOAC/TDTV Weekly Tournament #2. “Time: Sunday June 16th 11am-3pm PST/GMT-8”
  • On the official Guild Wars 2 forums, Bas.7406 posted on the topic Attk Ranger Contest: The Back Point Peeler: “Good Evening, ladies and gentleman of the Ranger world!!! SOAC is having a podcast contest. Prize: Appearance on the Arrow to the Knee Podcast and your stream featured on our channel. Contest: To build a Back Point Peeler for tpvp that rivals the Elementalist. The goal of the build is to be a highly mobile build that can put out a bit of pressure and peel off a necro or thief and then get back to the back point and hold it for a bit of time.”

This section is intended to help you to publicize your guild or alliance event, and as long as your event is open to the whole Guild Wars/Guild Wars 2 community, we’ll list it here. Send us the details at and we’ll get it out to the fan community (given that we only do a weekly wrap-up, try to send the information at least a week in advance).

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