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Although I usually manage to dig up blog posts that I hope you’ll find interesting and worth the time to read, I don’t find everything. If you’ve written an article or blog post on a Guild Wars 2 topic that you think deserves a wider readership, drop me a line at to let me know about it. If your Guild Wars 2 blog has an RSS feed, let me know what it is and I’ll add it to my growing set of sites to monitor for news to include in the column.

Read on to check this week’s round-up of official news, commentary, podcasts, and videos in the Guild Wars 2 world.

  • Flamethrowing — I like Tooltips. “In my free time I write and play video games. And also write about video games. For work I write code, mostly Ruby and Objective-C. Rarely do I get to mix the two, but I ran into something I needed to do. When I’m reading sites about games, I hate when a writer mentions a skill and links to some external page, especially if they don’t make a new target for the link. And since I hate it, I spent last night writing this…” Here’s the information on adding the tooltip functionality to your web page:
  • Demajen — Closer to the Grave: The Necromancer. “Now that I have put a close to my adventures in Guild Wars‘ Hall of Monuments it is time for me to return and examine the motivation for starting it all off. I’ve spoken several times now about incentivising gameplay, and the HoM was a perfect way of getting me interested in Guild Wars 2. Recent announcements have added to that dawning sense of impending excellence: the fact that GW2 will almost certainly be coming out in 2012 unless things go horribly wrong; and the fact that beta test weekends are due to take place come March and April (and, technically, February if you’re a member of the press. Sadly, blogging does not count!)” [Raphia: I sure hope you’re mistaken on that score…]
  • Demajen — Closer to the Arcane: The Elementalist. “I played Final Fantasy XI with my good friend Saikyo for a very long time. Six years, give or take. One thing he discovered in that time is that, if you wanted to complete content, one of the best ways was to throw as many mages at it as you could. The creation of “mana burn
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