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In contrast to earlier chapters of the Living Story, we seem to be speeding up quite a bit, as the Dragon Bash is still going strong and we’re getting information about next week’s content release, the Sky Pirates of Tyria. I was talking to one of my fellow guild leaders last week and he said that the Living Story up to then had been released far too slowly … I guess ArenaNet got the NSA’s metadata about our conversation. I don’t think it’s too slow now!

I don’t know if my experience was typical, but I had a heck of a time being in Lion’s Arch at the right time to see the fireworks show. Over Friday and Saturday last weekend, I was in LA six separate times just before the hour, but each time I’d either “just missed it” or it was the wrong hour. And you know the quality of information you get when you ask a question like that in map chat… I finally got the reward on Sunday morning by logging in and going AFK for extended periods of time. It felt a bit like cheating.

I finally got around to starting another alt, this time a sylvari necromancer. I haven’t played a necro since the last beta weekend, so this is quite a different experience for me. I got her up to level 13 before switching back to one of my level 80 characters to do more of the Dragon Bash. So far, I’ve accumulated about 1200 pieces of Zhaitaffy … only another 998,800 pieces to go, right?

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