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How I can tell that Guild Wars 2 is still gaining new players: the promo email about the release of Sky Pirates of Tyria arrived more than 24 hours after the actual release. Those email hamsters at ArenaNet must be working triple shifts!

There’s a lot of discussion of the trait changes that came down this week, with more than one person insisting that the changes had “broken” their profession (spoiler: it’s not the thief). Most of my gaming time is spent on my mesmer and my ranger — two of the professions that some claimed were now a pale shadow of their former selves. Perhaps it’s just the particular builds/weapon selection I prefer, but I haven’t found the changes to be spectacularly troubling. My ranger’s shortbow now requires me to be a bit closer to my targets, and the mesmer’s sword skills have been a bit less devastating at close range, but neither change forces me to alter how I use the character. The ranger’s pets have been (mostly) nerfed, but I depend on my pets more for distraction than for damage, so it hasn’t been too much of an issue for me — rangers who depend on their pets for DPS may be much more upset about the changes.

I have noticed an issue since the latest build was released: on my ranger and my (level 30) necromancer, I’ve found my focus shifts to my pet/minion in the middle of a battle and I have to re-acquire the actual target I’m fighting. It seems to happen if my pet/minion gets directly between me and the original target, but fortunately it doesn’t seem to interrupt the auto-attack, so it’s not completely breaking off combat.

Official Guild Wars 2 news

  • Twitch.tvGuild Wars 2 Developer Livestream with Karl Horvath. “Karl previews the newest dungeon in Guild Wars 2.”
  • — A Guide to Sky Pirates of Tyria. “Upon logging into Guild Wars 2, you’ll receive a mail from Lionguard Inspector Ellen Kiel notifying you that you’ve been deputized to pursue the sky pirates known as the Aetherblades. Heralds at major cities will help guide you as well.”
  • — Send Gem Store Items to Your Friends with Gifting! “Here at the Black Lion Trading Company, we’re always excited to bring you innovation and exciting opportunities. That is why we are proud to announce a new feature in the Gem Store: gifting! Now you have the option to purchase most items in the Gem Store on behalf of your friends. Want to send your best friend an outfit to match your own? Know a beginner that needs some boosts? How about a mini to keep your guildmate company? Possibilities abound!”
  • — Stylish New Items Available in the Gem Store! “Thanks to the innovation and efforts of the Black Lion Trading Company, you can now show off your trendy side with our new armor skins, honor one of the Order of Whispers’ finest agents with a special new plush backpack, and shred your enemies in the comfort of your own custom arena. We’ve also got items that are on the way out – read on for more details!”
  • YouTube — arenanetofficial: Guild Wars 2 Sky Pirates of Tyria. “Chaos comes to Lion’s Arch”
  • — Game Update Notes – June 25th, 2013. “Attention: the skies of Tyria have turned treacherous. A new breed of pirates is descending upon Tyria! Lethal and precise, they strike from above like a bolt of lightning. The Lionguard knows little about them, but this violent faction was behind the attack on the Dragon Bash effigy ceremony and is responsible for a growing swath of murders. With help from citizens like you, we thwarted their plot to usurp a seat on the Ship’s Council, but the Lionguard will not rest. Today, all who read this are deputized to join me in discovering the Aetherblades’ secret headquarters and bringing these killers to justice. —Captain Ellen Kiel of the Ship’s Council”
  • Twitter — @GuildWars2. “The GW2Italia cup is happening all week this week, with the finals on Sunday. Tune in to watch the matches in EU! ^AM”
  • Gamerzines — ArenaNet Targeting free Fortnightly Updates for Guild Wars 2. “Today marks the launch of the ‘Sky Pirates of Tyria’ update for Guild Wars 2, a bulky piece of content which adds new story events and features to an already value-packed MMORPG experience, and if new comments from ArenaNet are anything to go by these kinds of updates are about to become a lot more common.”
  • — Aetherblade Pirates: Look up! “A new pirate armada has appeared in Tyria with nary a warning and not from the sea — their ships fly! The citizens of Lion’s Arch have taken to watching the skies, rather than the water, for signs of trouble. The Lionguard, in an investigation led by Ellen Kiel, is trying to understand what these pirates want and where they came from. An excerpt from the official report filed following the initial Aetherblade raids on the city is printed below for your edification.”
  • Twitter — @GuildWars2. “Our next Guild Wars 2 Developer Livestream is this Friday at Noon PDT. All the details are at See you then! ~RB2″
  • Twitter — @GuildWars2. “Looking for info on the Sky Pirates of Tyria release? The wiki has tons of it, look at links in sections 3 and 4:… ^SL”
  • Twitter — @GuildWars2. “Thanks to everyone who joined us for Izzy’s #GW2 livestream. If you missed it, check out the recording at ~RB2″

Recent GuildMag posts

  • Sky Pirates of Tyria Now Live, Including Massive Balance Changes. “Sky Pirates of Tyria has been released! Notable features of the patch can be found on the official release page. In addition to a new dungeon – the Aetherblade Retreat -, new permanent jumping puzzle and a scavenger hunt, there has also been the biggest ever skill and trait balance since the game’s launch. On top of this, Gem Store items are now able to be gifted to friends; Custom Arenas are out of beta and available for everyone; and a new WvW Ability called Mortar Mastery has been added.”

Fan articles and blog posts

  • Healing the masses — Necro Build Recap. “I’ve tried a a lot of different builds on the necro since release. A Lot. When you play a main exclusive one if the areas that offers much of the replayability is customising your character any way you can. I did this little recap on a reddit thread of these builds and thought why not repost here as well.”
  • Guild Wars 2 Trading Post — Trading Copper Ore for Silver Profits. “I was trading yesterday morning stacks of 250 copper ore at 12 copper buy order and 15 copper sell order. There were huge walls up at 11 and 16 copper, so this was relatively easy to maintain. That usually happens too with markets like this, where two big walls form between price points just enough to allow for small profits to the undercutters.”
  • Inventory Full — To The Lighthouse. “Just after Christmas last year I reported on the construction being undertaken by the Ships’ Council (or was it The Lionguard?) on the new Lion’s Arch Lighthouse. At the time I was somewhat concerned about the health and safety risk caused by the slow updating of the Tyrian GPS (Grimoire Positioning Service) which at the time was directing travelers over a sheer cliff, and also about the fate of the brave lighthouse guards who could still be seen milling around inside the broken-off stump.”
  • Dulfy.netGW2 Aetherblade Armor. “GW2 Aetherblade Armor gallery with screenshots of the light, medium and heavy aetherblade amor in various race and dye combinations. Aetherblade Armor can be purchased in the gemstore starting with the Sky Pirates update. Note: Asura and Charr of both sexes use the male version of the armor.”
  • Dulfy.netGW2 Aetherblade Retreat dungeon guide. “GW2 Aetherblade Retreat dungeon guide with detailed walkthroughs and explanations of boss walkthroughs. Aetherblade Retreat is a new dungeon released with the Sky Pirates patch.”
  • Dulfy.netGW2 History Buff Marriner Plaques achievement guide. “GW2 History Buff achievement guide with a list locations of the Marriner Plaques required for this Explorer achievement. This achievement is designed to promote the newly released book Sea of Sorrows and can be purchased at Amazon and elsewhere starting June 25. Find the plaques around Tyria about Cobiah Marriner’s life.”
  • Dulfy.netGW2 Sky Pirates of Tyria patch preview. “A preview of the GW2 Sky Pirates of Tyria patch scheduled to land on June 25, 2013. Sky Pirates of Tyria, a new patch scheduled to arrive on Tuesday, June 25, continue the story left off by Dragon Bash festival. This patch will add a new set of achievements, a new temporary dungeon of significant difficulty, a new Aetherblade armor set (gemstore), an in-game scavenger hunt to promote a new book, and a difficult jumping puzzle (released in the second week on July 2).”
  • Black Lions Profit — June Speculation, 2013. “Every so often, I hope to speculate on a small list of items that I feel have the ability to make a profit through long term investments, i.e speculation. These are generally items that I am currently investing in, and are almost always bought in volume.”
  • — The Aetherblade Retreat Dungeon. “ArenaNet is getting ready to unleash the next Guild Wars 2 content expansion in the form of Sky Pirates of Tyria. In our latest Guild Wars 2 column, we offer readers an exclusive preview of what they can expect to find.”
  • GW2 Guru — [Preview] Sky Pirates of Tyria. “Just a mere two weeks after the Dragon Bash flew into Lion’s Arch, we now have another new living story build that we were able to get our grubby little claws on. This update contains a mix of temporary and permanent content, so there’s little rush to get everything done within this two week period. Below you’ll find an overview of the content launching tomorrow, as well as some screenshots and news about the Sea of Sorrows novel that is also being released tomorrow.”
  • Distilled Willpower — The Ticking Legendary Timer. “I’m currently stuck in limbo – I am a precursor and a few measly T6 crafting materials away from finally finishing The Flameseeker Prophecies. Unfortunately, I’m at an impasse. I’ve got a tonne of T6 crafting mats in my bank – each individual unit worth up to 30s. If I sold them all I’d have twice the amount I’d need to spend on my precursor, but then I’d be in a similar hole, I’d have the precursor, but none of the crafting mats I need to finish the job.”
  • Inventory Full — Dragon Bash Report Card. “Overall. Good. Better than The Secret of Southsun, which wasn’t too bad either. There’s a lot of room for improvement but the Living Story is shaping up to be a better framework for regular content drops than it looked like it would a few months back. The content itself risks becoming formulaic but at the moment there’s enough variation to keep things interesting. Of course, unlike all the other Living Story events so far, Dragon Bash could return next year, without the uninvited guests. Unless the Aetherblades win the next round, that is…”
  • ESLGuild Wars 2 is coming to ESL! “A few weeks ago ArenaNet announced a few new features that may be the beginning of E-sport in GW2! Are you interested in building the competitive Guild Wars 2 community on ESL? Read on! To kick things off we are going to host a Test cup to check the interest of the community in GW2 cups hosted by the ESL.”
  • Guild Wars 2 Hub — Sky Pirates of Tyria Screenshot Gallery. “We’ve gathered a ton of different screenshots from ArenaNet to show you and get you all sorts of stoked for the upcoming Living Story content “Sky Pirates of Tyria”. Click the jump for more!”
  • Guild Wars 2 Hub — Sky Pirates of Tyria Heavy Armor Screenshot Gallery. “Sky Pirates of Tyria introduce a whole new set of armor for each of the class types and promises to make it Steamy (Bad pun, I know). Click the jump for all of the Heavy armor previews!”
  • Guild Wars 2 Hub — Sky Pirates of Tyria Medium Armor Screenshot Gallery.
  • Guild Wars 2 Hub — Sky Pirates of Tyria Light Armor Screenshot Gallery.
  • Guild Wars 2 Hub — Sky Pirates of Tyria: Aetherblade Retreat Dungeon. “The newest dungeon associated with the “Sky Pirates of Tyria
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