This week in Guild Wars 2

This week’s round-up is mostly about the Queen’s Jubilee — which many seem to think is the best content release we’ve seen from ArenaNet. I’ve certainly been enjoying it, and it has absorbed a lot of my playing time since Tuesday. The zergs going up against the bosses in the Crown Pavilion have my old computer dropping to a pathetically low FPS, but that’s also true in WvW (yeah, I really do need to replace my gaming machine…)

One of the UI changes introduced in this update was the account-wide wallet. While I’m a big fan of the wallet — it helped me free up a significant number of bank slots — others seemed rather put-out about it. I saw more than one eloquent plea to keep characters’ collections separate from one another and it really seemed to be a big deal to these folks (unless it was fantastically well-done trolling…)

In non-Guild Wars 2 news, The Old Reader appears to have been saved. This is very good news for me, as the other RSS readers I’ve been trying each have limitations that would have made some of the work to put this column together a bit more tedious.

Update: Several hours after posting this round-up, The Old Reader delivered 65 unread links from earlier in the week (as they’d warned, the feeds were disrupted during the recovery process).

Official Guild Wars 2 news

  • Twitter — @GuildWars2. “Congrats to Lack of a Scrim Feature[SYNC] for winning the NA Qualifier! They join Team Paradigm[TM] for the #GW2 #PAX Invitational! ~Dani”
  • Twitter — @GuildWars2. “RT @IllyBatBaby: If there are any #GW players out there that see this, please whisper user Dylesko & tell him to pick his wife up from work!”
  • Twitter — @GuildWars2. “RT @IllyBatBaby: @GuildWars2 Thanks for the RT! He is on his way now! Lol #GW2 (Thanks for the update, and go easy on him!) ~RB2”
  • — A Look at Upcoming PvP Changes. “Hey all! In addition to working on a major tournament, the PvP team has been working hard to bring some new features to PvP. A lot of feedback from the community has been taken into account with our priorities, and we’re grateful for all the feedback we’ve seen in game and on the forums!”
  • — Announcing the Winner of the Captain’s Council Election. “You’ve worked hard to throw your support behind your candidate for the past two weeks and now it’s time to find out who won. The Support Tokens have been counted and the winner is none other than Captain Ellen Kiel. Here’s a message with more details from Captain Kiel, herself.”
  • — Fashionables New Items in the Gem Store! “The Bazaar of the Four Winds is finished, the Zephyrites have signed their deal and flown away – and the Queen’s Jubilee is in full sway! The Black Lion Trading Company is getting into the celebratory spirit with some new mask skins and flashy Finishers. I’ve even managed to get some Royal Terrace Passes, which I’m happy to make available to you.”
  • On the official Guild Wars 2 forums, Colin Johanson posted on the topic So… everything in this patch is temporary: “Hey folks, I wanted to take a moment and address this, it’s a totally fair question and something as a player (removing my GD hat) I’d wonder the same thing as well. As I covered in my blog post last month, a major focus of our living world releases in the second half of the year will be on focusing our living world releases on content that has a larger sense of persistence, and more permanent effect on the world. You’ll start seeing this strategy come into effect with the release 2 weeks from now, and grow as the year continues. The story of these living releases will occur long enough for it to play out reasonably and then update as the story moves forward, while the content and playable experiences (except specific story beats) will persist forever as a result of that story occurring.”
  • — The Queen’s Jubilee Guide. “Welcome to the first release of August, the Queen’s Jubilee! Upon logging in to Guild Wars 2, you will receive a mail from Queen Jennah of Kryta inviting you to a celebration being held in Divinity’s Reach. If you want to travel to the human capital city in style, festive hot air balloons have been commissioned to ferry important dignitaries and noble adventurers from every corner of Tyria. Unfortunately, there are forces at work that will stop at nothing to sabotage the celebration. Speak with the Balloonist at each tower to find out how you can help them keep things on schedule!”
  • Esprits d’Orr — Questions to Angel Leigh McCoy. “Last June, we gathered questions from the French roleplaying community about Guild Wars 2 lore in the perspective of an interview with Angel Leigh McCoy, narrative designer at ArenaNet. We are glad to share with you the very precise answers she gave us about magic and society. You will find below the complete interview in original version”
  • — Introducing The Wallet. “Greetings adventurers! My name is Rob Thody and I am a QA lead and project coordinator of the Guild Wars 2 Live Response Team. On this development team we primarily spend time with fixing bugs and implementing quality of life features. With the help of both external and internal feedback, we selected the project for our first August launch; a tool that we hope will help make things a bit easier and convenient for players. Allow me to introduce to you… the wallet!”
  • On the official Guild Wars 2 forums, Anthony Ordon posted on the topic I don’t like this update: “Thanks for the feedback everyone and please keep it coming. Personally, I find that one of the hardest parts of being a designer on GW2 Live is coming to terms with the fact that not every update will please every player. We do our best to deliver appealing content with enough variety to keep as many people as satisfied as possible. And If there’s one thing we can do consistently, it’s improving the experience of said content each time. I think we made some great strides with the Jubilee. I think we have a lot of room to keep growing. But our team isn’t done yet. We’ve got some exciting things coming later this month. Things you’ve never seen in this game before.”
  • — Short Story: Delegation. “Frostbite always walked a little sassier in the Black Citadel. Rox wasn’t sure if her albino devourer felt invigorated by the wave of strength and confidence High Legion soldiers projected, or if he was intimidated and faking it in order to blend in.”
  • YouTube — AcademyIAS: Into the Pixel Interview with ArenaNet’s Daniel Dociu (Guild Wars 2, NCSoft). “Take a look at our exclusive interview with ArenaNet’s Art Director, Daniel Dociu – one of our 2013 Into the Pixel Winners ( His piece is called Crossroads from an Untitled Game.”
  • Twitter — @GuildWars2. “Issues with Daily Karma Spender? Please see this: ^RB” [Raphia: Someone in my guild noticed this problem on Thursday night.]
  • Added — Introducing the Winners of Our North American PvP Tournament. “This past weekend (August 3-4), we hosted our first Regional Qualifying Tournament in North America, where PvP teams from across the continent competed for a spot in the Invitational Tournament. We’re happy to announce that Lack of a Scrim Feature [SYNC] has secured their place in our first ever Guild Wars 2 Invitational Tournament which takes place during PAX Prime weekend (August 31) in Seattle, WA. We’d like to thank all teams for their participation in the tournament.”
  • Added — The Winners of Our European PvP Tournament. “On July 27 and 28, we watched our European community compete in the first Regional Qualifying Tournament. Through a lot of teamwork and discipline, Team Paradigm faced off against Car Crash in a fight to secure their place in our first-ever Guild Wars 2 Invitational Tournament during PAX Prime weekend (August 31) in Seattle, WA.”
  • Added IGNGuild Wars 2 Teases Anniversary Plans. “Guild Wars 2 will celebrate its first anniversary on August 28, and game director Colin Johanson has revealed some of the ways ArenaNet plans to celebrate this in game.”
  • Added Twitter — @GuildWars2. “This Friday through Sunday (PDT), the Black Lion Trading Company is selling Mystic Forge Stone for 15% off the current price! ~RB2 #GW2”
  • Added YouTube — arenanetofficial: Developer Livestream–Roy Cronacher and Karl McLain on Warrior in PvP. “Game designers Roy Cronacher and Karl McLain hop into PvP to give an overview of the Warrior profession”

Recent GuildMag posts

  • Dynamically Spoken: Episode 22. “Welcome to the first ever recorded live episode of our podcast! As you may have heard, from now on we’ll be live every Friday at 5pm PDT on Sitting on a Couch’s channel. This week we discuss the upcoming Queen’s Jubilee patch; our very own Steve has had a chance to preview it ahead of time thanks to the amazing folks at ArenaNet, but his lips are sealed until we’re able to reveal all – so stay tuned on Monday for all our Jubilee content! In the meantime, you’ll have to suffice with just our humble pre-patch discussion!”
  • The Queen’s Jubilee: Exclusive Patch Preview – Living World. “The time has come to leave Labyrinthine Cliffs behind. As the Zephyr Sanctum departs, the citizens of Tyria look towards the next event to behold: and it just so happens that August holds Queen Jennah’s tenth anniversary on the Krytan throne. That’s right, for this month’s Living World update we’re casting our gazes north to Kryta, and notably Divinity’s Reach. The Jubilee is upon us and the whole of Tyria is invited! So hop on your nearest giant balloon and hold on tight as one thing’s for sure – this celebration’s just getting started!”
  • The Queen’s Jubilee: Exclusive Patch Preview – Permanent Features. “In this article we cover the permanent additions to Guild Wars 2 that will arrive on Tuesday 6th August which we were fortunate enough to gain a little more insight on.”

Fan articles and blog posts

  • Twitter — @BlackLionGW. “Check this video about Easter Eggs and Secrets by MattVisual #MattVisual #YouTube #GuildWars2 …: via @YouTube”
  • Twitter — @relicsoforr. “A result of a hard line 2 party system, major media outlets from tyria won’t track the .003% vote for Suwahsh and .00012% for Skritt King”
  • Twitter — @elixabethclaire. “Met an asura wielding a Charrzooka. I’m a bad person.
  • Kill Ten Rats — Ride Guide. “I approve of the way the Guild Wars 2 Living Story achievements incentivize experiencing content. While a few of the mini-game achievements reward aberrant behavior, on the whole the achievements do a good job of directing people towards content, rewarding multiple styles of play, using new content to feature old content rather than making it superfluous, rewarding both exploration and completionism, and not encouraging unhealthy completionism.”
  • Reddit — After a year, My experience/opinion on GW2. “Firstly, I want to hear your opinions on my negative thoughts. Am I playing the game wrong? Should I see things from a different perspective? Second, my whole family are big gamers, parents included. They are still playing WoW however, and regularly complain how they don’t get in runs or the content is getting stale. I’m hoping this post (and comments) could sway them to GW2. Third, I am very bored at work. I get paid to do next to nothing, and my supervisor isn’t even here today. Expect this to be unnecessarily long. Lastly, I hope that we can converse about some ideas/topics that I put forth, and perhaps better each other’s playing experience :) “
  • Reddit — Achievement Guide: Finishing up the Ascalon\Kryta\etc. Explorer Achievement.
  • Reddit — All my Knowledge – Ranger Guide Part 3 – Pets! “Alright, I lied. This was supposed to be the weapons guide, but I’m not really sure how to approach that, so I decided to do the topic everyone wants to know more about, Pets! Yes, those cute little things you keep sending into battle, only to find that they die and come back to you, limping in that cute little way they do. The goal of this section is to show that you can beef up your pet, discuss some techniques I use for micromanaging and keeping my pets alive. I’ll even throw in my favorite pets and why. Most important thing, I’m going to say it now to start off. Don’t. Let. Your. Pets. Die…. EVER. Always swap to your next pets when you are able.”
  • Sisters of Tyria — Lightning Pull. “For those who have done this event, sometimes the 3rd skill, or “Lightning Pull” when used, will in fact start flinging you to your location, then take a violent turn to the left or right, or just stop right in the middle, leading to a very horrific death.”
  • Sisters of Tyria — Weather Forecast.
  • Sisters of Tyria — Foolish Souls. “*things displayed in this comic may or may not have occurred during the event of the Bazaar of the Four Winds.”
  • Sisters of Tyria — Oh, it’s on!
  • Sisters of Tyria — Belcher Bluff’s Biggest Challenge. “*if no one can tell… this is in fact a Charr =_=;; I KNOW, I KNOW, it looks like a Scooby Doo Kangaroo…”
  • Sisters of Tyria — Sanctum Zap. “Anyone else get annoyed at being zapped every ten steps? Kill Sanctum Sprint with a burning fire!”
  • Sisters of Tyria — Pink Beer? “Because I just call it beer… Although Omnomberry juice sounds kind of cute.”
  • Sisters of Tyria — Best.Dive.Ever. “Dedicated to not only to the “Best.Dive.Ever” Achievement for Zephyr Sanctum, but to all diving instances in the world of Tyria. What if I want to dive with my clothes on, huh?”
  • GW2 Guru — Curse Signs Guild Wars 2 Team to Roster, Led by Xeph! “Team Curse is proud to announce a new team focusing on Guild Wars 2 has officially been signed! As the leader in competitive E-Sports, Team Curse is excited to sign such a wonderfully talented and innovative team, and is excited to see what lies in the future for these intrepid pro-gamers!”
  • The Game JarGuild Wars 2 Celebrates The Queen’s Jubilee (No, Not That One). “As Guild Wars 2′s first anniversary gets ever closer, ArenaNet continues to avoid the subject of a full-blown expansion by marching on with their Living Story updates. The latest content addition, dubbed Queen’s Jubilee, centres around the celebration of ten years of Queen Jennah’s rule. Arriving tomorrow, the celebrations will focus around the Human capital city of Divinitys Reach, and will see players taking part in the various activities to honour the Queen.”
  • Kill Ten Rats — Come Together for the Queen’s Jubilee. “ArenaNet did a few things differently this time around with the press preview for the upcoming Queen’s Jubilee. Instead of being granted full access, which allows some to write full guides and spoilers, ArenaNet prepared a private Twitch stream. The main reason seems to be that this next update is chock full of story happenings, and the team did not want anything spoiled. So my first impressions are going to be narrower than previous ones.”
  • Guild Wars 2 Hub — First Impressions: Queens Jubilee. “On Friday, Lee and I got the opportunity to have a preview of the latest Guild Wars 2 content: the Queens Jubilee. What I’m sure you’re all wanting to know however, is whether or not it’s worth playing?”
  • — Touring Queen’s Jubilee. “I’m surprised that there hasn’t been too much arguing over the current elections taking place in Guild Wars 2 with Cutthroat Politics. Perhaps everyone is too busy thinking about the next bit of content, Queen’s Jubilee. Last Friday ArenaNet took several of us lucky press members on a little tour of the content, and I must say there is plenty to keep even the roughest and toughest players busy.”
  • Massively — Massively’s Guild Wars 2 Queen’s Jubilee patch preview. “It’s party time again in Guild Wars 2! The young ruler of Kryta, Queen Jennah, is pulling out the stops to celebrate human resilience and ingenuity at the ten year anniversary of her reign. All of Kryta’s allies are invited — yes, even you. Yes, even after that unfortunate incident with the cake. This is a time of healing. All is forgiven.”
  • Dulfy.netGW2 Queen’s Jubilee patch preview. “Queen’s Jubilee is the name of this Living World update. It is not only a celebration of ten years of Queen Jennah’s reign but also a celebration of human spirit and resilience of all the difficulty Kryta has faced. The Crown Pavilion and the Queen’s Gauntlet activity will remain for the entire month.”
  • Bio BreakGuild Wars 2: Hunger Games. “I vowed to give one of the new minigames a try before heading off to do my own achievement thing in Guild Wars 2, so Saturday I spent a half-hour or so with Southsun Survival. Minigames in GW2 have been a mixed bag so far, with some being quite captivating (Super Adventure Box in particular) and some being foot races or beat-your-head-against-the-wall PvP. But it turns out that Southsun Survival actually works and — this was the amazing part for me — makes PvP a pretty enjoyable experience.”
  • ZAM — Guild Wars 2: Queen’s Jubilee Preview. “Queen’s Jubilee, revolves around celebrating the 10th year of the human queen’s rule. As such, most of the content will be found in Divinity’s Reach, the human capital. Not all of the content is in Divinity’s Reach, however, as hot air balloons have been placed throughout most of the open world zones offering a way for players to travel in style to the festivities. As players could easily port straight to DR, these balloons are not so much a way to travel to the festivities, but a way to draw players into the new content instead of just sending players mail telling them where to go.”
  • GW2 Guru — [Preview] Queen’s Jubilee. “To say Tyria has been rolling through some tough times would be a bit of an understatement. Dragons, undead, karka, you name it. The history books will have a lot to say about recent events, yet the greater good prevails and the world keeps on spinning. The Queen’s Jubilee celebrates these triumphs and welcomes the world to join in.”
  • Twitter — @ColusMcCoy22. “If anything, random players reviving me in #GuildWars2 has restored my faith in the human race. Random acts of kindness yo!”
  • Reddit — Thoughts on Ascension in GW2. “Note: These are my theories of the potential direction ArenaNet could take future game content. I have no affiliation with ArenaNet or any of its employees. This is just a fan theory.”
  • Twitter — @maramala. “ We have a winner. Now on to the next event… #guildwars2 #gw2 #mmo #gaming #fb”
  • Reddit — [Data Mining] Upcoming features and changes from the latest dat file! “Hi everyone, although I’m sick to the bone at this moment I’ve managed to mine the latest stuff from the dat file, I’ve also changed the title (as requested) of my posts so that it doesn’t spoil stuff anymore. And I’m trying a new layout.”
  • Attached to Keyboard — Cutthroat Politics – True Colours Revealed. “Warning: pictures contain strong language So the voting ended for Cutthroat Politics earlier today and as someone who was supporting Evon Gnashblade I was a little disappointed with the result. I am more disappointed with the reaction to the result that has been seen on the forums and in game. I expected disappointment, maybe a little anger, but not the combination of racism and misogyny that has been seen over map chat.”
  • — Queen’s Jubilee Begins Tomorrow In Guild Wars 2. “The Guild Wars 2 Queen’s Jubilee event begins on Tuesday August 5th, and it is a time of celebration for in Tyria. The Queen’s Jubilee marks the 10 year anniversary of the coronation of Queen Jennah, but more importantly it is a celebration of the spirit of the human race. Humans have survived much strife in their history, and now they invite all the races of Tyria to join them in celebration of their inner strength and courage. The developers have given us a few more details on what’s to come in the Guild Wars 2 Queen’s Jubilee update, and as usual there will be plenty of activities and adventures for players to take part in. So let’s take a look at some of the Queen’s Jubilee activities we have more details on.”
  • Dulfy.netGW2 Sovereign weapon skins gallery. “A gallery of the GW2 Sovereign weapon skins you can purchase from the various emissaries in the Crown Pavilion.”
  • Dulfy.netGW2 Champion weapon skins. “A list of weapon skins players can acquire from the newly updated champion loot drops. This is a work in progress. Item codes are taken from Dragonzz6 on reddit.” [Raphia: I’m not normally all that interested in new weapon skins, but some of these look really nice.]
  • Reddit — Confessions of a CoF path 2 leaper. “I know that Colin Johanson said he’s cool with speed clears but being able to skip like 90% of the dungeon this way is more in the realm of an exploit than a speed clear. This is wrong, the dungeon is badly designed I don’t think this or any dungeon was meant to be an easy 6-8 minute-ish experience.”
  • Massively — Flameseeker Chronicles: Crashing Guild Wars 2‘s anniversary bash. “ArenaNet’s latest release for Guild Wars 2, the Queen’s Jubilee, takes place in the human capital city of Divinity’s Reach. Not everyone is as giddy about this as I am. Humans are boring. Do we really need another festival-based event? Where’s the real lore? However, Divinity’s Reach is a hotspot for plot-based drama and intrigue, and setting an event there does more than just encourage players to return to the city for the sake of livening it up: it also sets the stage for ArenaNet to (hopefully) revisit some of the plot elements introduced at the launch of the game.”
  • Nerdy Bookahs — It’s all about the size… “ArenaNet has shown their appreciation towards those who bought gems and gave us loyal customers a free kite three weeks ago. I got the sun kite and my little asura was jumping around merrily with it, being perfectly happy and content with it. It’s so cute and fits her current colour scheme, after all (gold and red dyes).”
  • Guild Wars 2 Hub — Sovereign Weapon Gallery. “In this gallery you can view all the skins of the Sovereign Weapons. These weapons cost 200 Watchwork Sprockets + 7-10g each. The weapon skins can all be purchased at the emissaries in Crown Pavilion.”
  • Guild Wars 2 Hub — Queen Jennah’s Jubilee Achievement Guide. “In this guide we provide you with all you need to know about how to complete the Queen Jennah’s Jubilee Achievements. In addition, this guide is designed to be the quickest method to reaching the required 11 achievements in order to unlock the Mini Watchknight.”
  • Guild Wars 2 Hub — Queens Gauntlet Achievement Guide. “In this guide we provide you with an overview of the Queens Gauntlet achievements and how to complete them. Please note the Queens Gauntlet Champion Achievement is awarded for completing 11 of the Gauntlet achievements.”
  • Kill Ten Rats — New Player’s Guide to Queen’s Jubilee. “Queen’s Jubilee is the first release for the August content release in Guild Wars 2. The Queen’s Jubilee is a festival centered on the human capital city of Divinity’s Reach. This guide is written for those just buying Guild Wars 2 now or returning after a long break. Any level character may participate in the activities below, unless otherwise noted.”
  • Tumblr — Julie Gendrano. “Rytlock using asuran technology to work smarter, not harder #guildwars2 #gw2”
  • Attached to Keyboard — Cutthroat Politics – True Colours Revealed, The Follow-up. “Shortly after I tweeted about my post last night I was contacted by someone from ArenaNet asking if I had screenshots that had names on the comments. I did and have passed them on so that the parties involved can be reported appropriately. Some commenters on my original post feel my stance on this is over-reacting, but way back before Guild Wars 2 released there was this post (I’m sure there were 2 but I can’t find the other one) that outlined ArenaNet’s philosophy towards community.”
  • Reddit — Tired of Charr prejudice? Join our Charr Rights Sit-In! “Date: Saturday, August 10th Time: 12PM – 6PM EDT Server: Northern Shiverpeaks Contact: Camino.1953, Brotherhood of the Shadows, [bots] Tired of the fact that the charr race gets the shortest end of the stick? Upset that people use racial slurs like “mangy fleabags” even after many friendships were formed between humans and charr? Or are you really pissed that all the cool armor is full of horrible clipping and made half-assed for charr?”
  • Guild Wars 2 Hub — Thaumanova Reactor Fractal Discussion. “Within the recent history we know that a certain city blew up due to the events of the Inquest, pushing the Eternal Alchemy to it’s very limit, and causing the events we come to know as the Thaumanova Reactor Incident. This incident has caused Chaos Magic to permeate everything around the city and facility, to a point it even tore a hole in the Mists. Some very potent stuff is going on here, but the main question is why does it matter if we see the events as they unfolded within the Mists and within Metrica Province?”
  • Twitter — @subtleglitch. “It’s like they don’t want me to play their game. I log in again today and if logs me out 1 min later for a patch. #guildwars2” [Raphia: Yep. Exactly the same thing happened to me on Tuesday evening.]
  • MMOCastGuild Wars 2 PvP Changes. “ArenaNet is preparing a list of changes and new features for Guild Wars 2 PvP. In the latest post Evan Lesh talks about Solo Arena, Dishonored System and Character Locking in Tournament Games while Steve Bikun discuss about Map Randomization and Target of Target in Spectator Mode.”
  • Guild Wars 2 Junkies — Guardian – Altruistic Healing/DPS Build (PvE). “This build focuses on blinding, medium DPS, and ties in altruistic healing to complement your shouts. It has high survivability and a decent amount of damage, taking advantage of the Valor’s critical damage bonus to go with precision.”
  • — Final Impressions of Guild Wars 2‘s Cutthroat Politics Event. “Guild Wars 2‘s greatest strength is the continued addition of new content. The latest Living World event, Cutthroat Politics, focused on two rivals vying for an empty seat on the Captain’s Council. Players got to cast votes for either Ellen Kiel, war hero, or Evon Gnashblade, Charr merchant. With the event now wrapped up, we take a look back to give our final impressions of Cutthroat Politics.”
  • — PvP Changes Abound In The Queen’s Jubilee Patch. “For those of us who love Guild Wars 2 PvP but aren’t so excited about PvE the last few patches have been sort of sparse. Sure there was a patch which changed professions quite a bit, and the last couple of events had PvP games as part of them (Dragon Bash and Aspect Arena). There just haven’t been any real changes to structured PvP itself. Well, ok yea we did get a new map, but it’s just the same old sPvP in a new map. Thankfully The Queen’s Jubilee brought a fair number of changes for PvPers.”
  • The Orr Orator — CAT NAP FEVER.
  • Google+ — M. Judson Goodrich: Guardian Problem Solving. “I made this for my wife who’s main character in GW2 is a Norn Guardian.”
  • Guild Wars 2 Trading Post — 11 Gold In a Night. “OK I lied, there was 11 gold in my mail box after a week of not playing Guild Wars 2. I had sold off around 75% of my inventory of armor items. Here’s what I learned”
  • Reddit — Question for Theorycrafters: Are Condition builds capable of equal DPS to Zerker builds on longer fights? “First, in the interests of full disclosure, I play a full Condition build Necro as my main. The question came up in the discussion of the Queen’s Jubilee patch. I personally am worried about the timers on the bosses. My impression has always been that melee zerker builds have the highest Damage Per Second (DPS). Obviously having the highest possible DPS is an advantage in a timed fight, where literally every second counts. “
  • Reddit — [PVE] Elementalist Staff DPS Build+Guide “LIGHTNING BOLT!” (0/30/0/10/30). “I see a lot of requests for a PVE Staff build for Elementalists. I get that people want to run their Bifrosts or just like the idea of a Wizard and his staff. Personally I support people operating outside of the meta. The thing is, the advice given around here is often times very confident and very shi… let’s say it has room for improvement. To ensure some quality I try to give as many explanations and numbers for any given decision I make.”
  • Reddit — Is Commander worth buying? “Okay everyone! First off, I’m a commander, that’s right, I saved up 100 gold and bought it… for some reason.”
  • Under the Pale Tree — Jubilee. “The biweekly update schedule for Guild Wars 2 continues, with the newest patch, the Queen’s Jubilee, having gone live this week. And, well, remember how a few weeks ago I had said that the Bazaar of the Four Winds had been the best patch yet? Well. The Jubilee has replaced that, I think.”
  • Kill Ten Rats — The Core of Queen’s Jubilee. “Each month in Guild Wars 2 the Living World seems to be a little different. Two months ago the Dragon Bash had a formulaic, festival feel, but was followed up by one of the best dungeons Guild Wars 2 has seen. Last month there was an amazing, playground of a mini-zone coupled with a swath of instanced activities (a couple of which are now in the daily rotation). This month was another festival, which raised the hackles of many. Anthony Ordon, who graces the Guild Wars 2 forums quite a bit (thankfully), did his best to curb too much speculation on what made a Guild Wars 2 festival.”
  • Twitter — @relicsoforr. “Wasn’t there a fansite dedicated translating everything in game written in New Krytan a while back? Anyone know? Google fails me. ~Kate”
    Twitter — @GW2Guidez. “@relicsoforr Not sure if this is what you’re looking for but this app sounds useful for translating New Krytan –”
  • Dragon Season — From Grandma’s Kitchen To Omnomnomnomnomnom *burp*. “Hey guys! Been working on my first recipe for the blog this past week, and boy has it been tasty. I won’t lie, I had a lot of fun in my “test kitchen” haha! First was deciding what to make and that was the easy part. Omnomberry bars. Well, thing is Omnomberries don’t exist so, what could I make that would bring the spirit of the Omnom to life? Well I know what that is for me…and I hope it is for you too! “
  • Added Dragon Blogger — Shared Currency in Guild Wars 2 with The Wallet. “Guild Wars 2 finally introduced the Wallet in the latest build update which now allows you to combine all of your characters currency into a single shared wallet that any account can draw from. No more having to find the nearest crafting station to deposit money from one character so another can withdraw it.”
  • Added Dulfy.netGW2 Queen Jennah’s Jubilee achievement guide. “GW2 Queen Jennah’s Jubilee achievement guide with instructions on completing the various achievements associated with the Queen’s Jubilee patch coming up on Aug 6, 2013.”
  • Added Dulfy.netGW2 The Queen’s Gauntlet achievement guide. “GW2 Queen’s Gauntlet achievement guide with walkthroughs on completing the various achievements associated with Queen’s Gauntlet.”
  • Added Guild Wars 2 Hub — Queens Gauntlet Achievement Guide. “In this guide we provide you with an overview of the Queens Gauntlet achievements and how to complete them.”
  • Added Guild Wars 2 Hub — Queens Jennah’s Jubilee Achievement Guide. “In this guide we provide you with all you need to know about how to complete the Queen Jennah’s Jubilee Achievements. In addition, this guide is designed to be the quickest method to reaching the required 11 achievements in order to unlock the Mini Watchknight.”
  • Added Guild Wars 2 Hub — Sovereign Weapon Gallery. “In this gallery you can view all the skins of the Sovereign Weapons. These weapons cost 200 Watchwork Sprockets + 7-10g each. The weapon skins can all be purchased at the emissaries in Crown Pavilion.”
  • Added Dulfy.netGW2 new rune and sigils from Queen’s Jubilee. “List of runes and sigils introduced as part of Queen’s Jubilee patch with recipes.”
  • Added Guild Wars 2 Hub — Guide to the Queen’s Gauntlet. “( AKA: I hate you Gauntlet, but I must beat you. ) Facing these challenges in the Gauntlet has been by far one of the most difficult and engaging experiences in Guild Wars 2 to date. After getting my Mini I knew I had to help others, so here is my experience and short guide to the Queen’s Gauntlet to help you net that awesome mini for yourself”

Videos and podcasts

  • SOACGuild Wars 2 Engineer Podcast: Engenious – Episode 9. “Hello, and welcome to another invigorating episode of Enginious! This week, Koroshi hits the guest spotlight with an interesting view on WvW tPvP, and of course, the many interesting utility skills of the engineers! There’s a great discussion on our ideas for a new ‘arena’, and incredibly off-course conversation.”
  • Chronicles of Tyria — CoTLorecast #5 – The Sylvari. “Lagwyn and Bromms talk about what we know about the Sylvari, one year later.”
  • YouTube — SOACGaming: Guild Wars 2 Necromancer Podcast: But of Corpse – Episode 24. “In this week’s episode of But of Corpse, Bhawb bids goodbye to the one and only Gibbly who is moving on to Smite, and they welcome in the new cohost, Tenderly. Gibbly, Bhawb, and Tenderly talk about pvp in general, the path of the Necromancer, and what they would like to see happen in the future.”
  • YouTube — bogotter: Guild Wars 2 – Queen’s Jubilee Preview. “I got an invitation in the mail to the Queen’s Jubilee. In this video, I show what ArenaNet sent me and describe the features of the upcoming patch. The Queen’s Jubilee hits Guild Wars 2 on Tuesday, August 6th.”
  • YouTube — SOACGaming: Guild Wars 2 Warrior Podcast: Adrenaline Rising – Episode 7. “In this episode of Adrenaline Rising, Deany Kong and K-pop explore the world of PvE through the eyes of the warrior. While we all know that warriors tend to have so much fun owning pve, they covered what the new information from Arena net and will talk about some of the fun involved in PVE.”
  • Dulfy.netGW2 Permanent finishers on the gemstore. “Pictures and videos of the new permanent finishers put on the gemstore for the Queen’s Jubilee patch.”
  • YouTube — ScaryCareBear: Queen’s Jubilee, Opening Ceremony Attendee Achievement Guild Wars 2. “Yeah I didn’t know where to go at first but screw it it was a tiny tour too xD Was pretty!”
  • Guild Wars 2 LiveGuild Wars 2: So We Are 80 What Now? – Episode 11. “So comes the age of the Queen. And with this patch you may think of her in a good light. Well for one reason the amount of loot her event brings is staggering. Even after it was promptly nerfed it’s still something to behold. Events like the following highlight this content. And are definitely worth your time in my opinion. Queens Pavilion= Major events happening almost all the time great loot and fun. Queens Gauntlet= Most fun you can have in the game in my opinion. TorchBearer Runs= These are fun jumping puzzles around Divinity’s Reach. New Weapon Skins= Sovereign and Champion Skins. Gem Store Masks and Finishers= I like the spectral one :) Champions back in force seek them out.”
  • YouTube — Bog Otter: Guild Wars 2 – Fast leveling guide in the Crown Pavilion. “In this video, I illustrate how you can gain levels quickly in Guild Wars 2 during the Queen’s Jubilee patch cycle. Take your alts to the Crown Pavilion in Divinity’s Reach and follow the suggestions in the video.”
  • YouTube — jhon smith: Hobo Tron – Guild Wars 2 golem troll. “saw this golem trolling a bard in DR. apparently its sub director null’s golem”
  • YouTube — TheMechanicalGamer: GW2 – Liadri Queens Gauntlet Guide -Warrior PoV. “This is my guide to Liadri the Concealing dark played as a warrior. Phase one has two main parts. Liadri is immune to damage and in order to break this immunity you need to throw orbs of blazing light at her. She has two attacks in phase one, the first is necrotic grasp that doesn’t deal a lot of damage and is easily avoided by strafing left and right. The second is the AoE spell that drops shadowfall. The dark orbs always appear in the same place, and take about one quarter of the arena floor. they can be dodged. but will take you out in one hit if not.”
  • YouTube — WoodenPotatoes: GW2 – Living Story So Far!! 1/2. “A complete recap on the living story! Feeling like you cant just ‘jump in’ every 2 weeks like want you to? Watch this and you’ll be fully up to date. Enjoy guys, hope it helps anyone out there who doesn’t want to read the wiki for this (which has a phenominal page, btw)”
  • YouTube — Relics of Orr: Season 3 Episode 12 : A House Divided. “Evee wants Kiel to Win, Kate wants Gnashblade to win. Can Erik keep the peace? Will the relics chatroom explode with the influx of new viewers?”
  • YouTube — Scion Storm Gaming: Guild Wars 2: Queens Jubilee Opening Ceremony. “Enjoy the opening ceremony of the Queens Jubilee. With a few surprises in store.”
  • YouTube — Scion Storm Gaming: Guild Wars 2: New Legendary Bosses In Crown Pavilion. “Did someone call for a boss train? Well apparently they did and boy is it fun. As well as lucrative to hop on board. Here is a nice montage of legendary bosses in the Crown Pavilion”
  • YouTube — Scion Storm Gaming: Guild Wars 2: Queens Gauntlet Montage. “This is the first 5 bosses for the gauntlet. Suriel I did defeat but the video for that corrupted. So it will be in my second montage of bosses sorry.”
  • YouTube — Scion Storm Gaming: Guild Wars 2: Queen’s Jubilee Torchbearer Achievement Preview. “Quick and easy I figured I’d show you one to get you started.”
  • YouTube — Scion Storm Gaming: Guild Wars 2: So We Are 80 What Now? – Episode 11 Queens Jubilee Is Awesome. “So comes the age of the Queen. And with this patch you may think of her in a good light. Well for one reason the amount of loot her event brings is staggering. Even after it was promptly nerfed it’s still something to behold. Events like the following highlight this content. And are definitely worth your time in my opinion. Queens Pavillion= Major events happening almost all the time great loot and fun. Queens Gauntlet= Most fun you can have in the game in my opinion. TorchBearer Runs= These are fun jumping puzzles around Divinity’s Reach. New Weapon Skins= Sovereign and Champion Skins. Gem Store Masks and Finishers= I like the spectral one :) Champions back in force seek them out.”
  • GW2 Tube — Bazaar of the Four Winds – Kites of the Night. “Skip to… 2:12 If the first door is closed”
  • GW2 Tube — Bazaar of the Four Winds – Colossal Kite.
  • GW2 Tube — Bazaar of the Four Winds – World vs. Kite.
  • GW2 Tube — Bazaar of the Four Winds – Sanctum Sprint achievements.
  • GW2 Tube — Bazaar of the Four Winds – Like Clockwork. “”
  • GW2 TubeGuild Wars 2 Beauty of Tyria. “Musik: Sascha Ende – Hope”
  • GW2 Tube — Belcher’s Bluff Maddie – Divinity’s Reach.
  • GW2 Tube — Belcher’s Bluff – Berddi (Rata Sum).
  • GW2 Tube — Belcher’s Bluff – Graster Beakerbane (Black Citadel).
  • GW2 Tube — Belcher’s Bluff – Caiwyn the Corsair (The Grove).
  • YouTube — gw2pvp: The Basics: A beginners guide to “The Mists”. “This video covers the absolute basics of “The Mists”.”
  • YouTube — Eyrika7: JQ doesn’t know the meaning of overkill. “Golems… Golems everywhere.”
  • Relics of Orr — Season 3 Episode 11: Mesmer Toucans. “This week the Relics of Orr team gives an in-depth review of the Cutthroat Politics Patch from campaigning for their respective candidates, how to be effective at putting a build together, the darkest timeline, and to how they plan to get their hands on as many toucans as possible.”
  • Relics of Orr — Season 3 Episode 12 : A House Divided. “Evee wants Kiel to Win, Kate wants Gnashblade to win. Can Erik keep the peace? Will the relics chatroom explode with the influx of new viewers?”
  • YouTube — WoodenPotatoes: GW2 – Living Story So Far!! 2/2. “Here’s part 2 of the living story recap I recorded two days ago. Hope you guys enjoy! I did mention the wiki link, so here, do enjoy! (It’s more comprehensive than I put it):…
  • MassivelyMassively does Geek Week: The top 10 most epic encounters in Guild Wars 2. “Guild Wars 2 is gorgeous. It’s as simple as that. Even as it approaches the first anniversary of its launch, we still find ourselves gawking at the painterly landscapes and impressive character models. Lush environments, enormous world bosses, and breathtaking vistas are all accented by an emotionally gripping soundtrack in an immersive experience. To illustrate this, we’ve compiled a top 10 list of the most epic encounters in Guild Wars 2 based on its environments, animations, and sound design. Temporary content was off the table (with one big exception), so some fan favorites like Super Adventure Box, Molten Weapon Facility, and the Wintersday festivities weren’t included. Enjoy our take on the most epic encounters in GW2 in celebration of Geek Week!”
  • YouTube — SOACGaming: Guild Wars 2 Necromancer Podcast: But of Corpse – Episode 25. “In this week’s deadly necromancer podcast, Tenderly and Bhawb get the opportunity to see the return of everyone’s favorite dungeon running support necromancer Del Onasi. We look forward to seeing some of the exciting and amazing new changes brought to pve.”
  • Chronicles of Tyria — CoTPodcast #57 – Fornax interview. “In today’s super lengthy podcast, we interview Fornax from the Krytan Herald (Which changed to the Herald Project!) and discuss the new patch concerning the Queen’s Jubilee!”
  • Chronicles of Tyria — CoTLorecast #6 – The Asura. “Lagwyn, Bromms and Alucardalina talk about the Asura, one year later.”
  • YouTube — Scion Storm Gaming: Guild Wars 2: Rurikton Beacon Run. “Now that it’s been a few days I’ll place the spoilers for these lol :)”
  • YouTube — Scion Storm Gaming: Guild Wars 2: Kormir Low Roads Beacon Run. “Just another run :)”
  • YouTube — Scion Storm Gaming: Guild Wars 2: Upper City Beacon Run+Flame of Kryta Reward. “Last one Upper City. If you completed them all at this Point. You get the flame of Kryta a nice fluff reward. Plus achievement points which are always nice.”
  • YouTube — Bog Otter: Guild Wars 2 – Queen’s Gauntlet Tier 1 Boss Guide. “In this video, I tackle the tier 1 bosses in the Queen’s Gauntlet. This is a new solo combat activity introduced into Guild Wars 2 during the Queen’s Jubilee patch. If you need help beating Halmi Hammerfell, Doobroosh, Windcaller Kieldia, or Suriel the Blazing Light, then this video is for you! Halmi Hammerfell: 01:28 Doobroosh: 02:31 Windcaller Kieldia: 03:42 Suriel the Blazing Light: 09:39″
  • Added YouTube — WoodenPotatoes: PvP for Dummies/Matt Visual! – P4, Rewards and PvP Crafting. “Hey guys welcome to another PvP for dummies episode! In the spirit of being comprehensive, today we’ll look at how PvP crafting looks, the amount of depth that exists to PvP rewards, and how to get free 20 slot bags and dyes in Pve!”
  • Added Guild Wars Reporter — Episode 71 – @RoboSnark. “Chris and Celeste have Stein fever and the only solution is a massive dissection of an interview. We also discuss the upcoming Queen’s Jubilee and some pretty great community content.”
  • Added YouTube — MattVisual: Guild Wars 2: Sovereign Weapon Skins – Queens Jubilee. “Sovereign Weapons Skins are apart of the new patch Queens Jubilee”
  • Added YouTube — NewTooWho: Guild Wars 2 Guide – Queen Jennahs Jubilee – All Champions Achievements. “A new update is out and what a Farm Fest it is :D Achievements: Opening Ceremony Attendee – Pavilion Party-Goer – Champion of The College – Champion of the Legions – Champion of the Crown – Champion of the Wild – Champion of the Pale Tree – Champion of the Council – Pavilion Participant”
  • Added YouTube — magicalmike2: [GW2] [Tyme] Does Guild Puzzles – First Impressions. “My first impressions on the guild puzzles, along with our guild’s first experience in being successful with this one. This is the Langmar Estate. It’s worth me noting here, since I forgot to in the video, that these puzzles are not very well explained and must have required a lot of fiddling around with at first. That’s probably the only real downside I can see.”
  • Added YouTube — NewTooWho: Guild Wars 2 Guide – Queen Jennahs Jubilee – Collecting Balloons And Dueling Champions Achievements. “Today we are visiting all the Balloon Towers and defeating all the Queens Champions Achievements: Party Crasher Crusher – Balloon Tower Tourist – Winner and Champion”
  • Added YouTube — MattVisual: Guild Wars 2: Queen Hobo Robo – Queen’s Jubilee.
  • Added Totally Tyria — Engineer Tier IV Solo Candidate Trials. “Engineer Candidate trials solo. I just had to do it you know?”
  • Added YouTube — Iamoneandiamlegion: Guild Wars 2 – The new conditionmancer (perfected guide). “Detailed description will follow shortly… “
  • Added YouTube — MattVisual: Guild Wars 2: Champion Loot Bag Weapon Skins.


Community Events

  • On the official Guild Wars 2 forums, Shawnbuell.8407 posted on the topic Officially Announcing –!: “I am pleased to officially announce, the compendium for competitive Guild Wars 2 SPvP.”
  • Gamers Giving Back — Pink Day in LA 2013 Volunteer Meeting #1. “Pink Day in LA is edging closer and closer! To prepare for it, there will be a meeting for those who wish to volunteer on August 17th at 1pm MDT (-7 GMT) hosted on the Gaming World Entertainment Network’s ventrilo server! Don’t have the server information? Use our contact page with an appropriate subject. If you or your guild/alliance are interested in helping out this year, please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or attend the meeting on the 17th! If you have volunteered in the past and have some suggestions for us this year as well, please don’t hesitate to bring that to the table at the meeting!”
  • Added Reddit — Arah Mentorship Program. “Our mission: We are Sword Art Online Kings [SAO], a guild founded on Dragonbrand at launch, and currently on Sea of Sorrows! We want to give anyone who may be interested a quick tour of any of the Arah paths with the most efficient method of running. Our promise: We will get you familiarized with Arah. Expect to run path 3 in under 45 minutes, path 1 and 2 within 1 hour, and path 4 within 2 hours.”
  • Added GW2 Guru — Screenshot of the Week: Round 5. “As a reminder for those who weren’t around last week, simply post a screenshot that fits the theme of the week for a chance to win a custom forum title and eternal glory on the front page. “Likes” can be used to highlight an exceptional image, but don’t always equal a win. Each thread ends at 11:59 PM PST every Saturday night.”

This section is intended to help you to publicize your guild or alliance event, and as long as your event is open to the whole Guild Wars/Guild Wars 2 community, we’ll list it here. Send us the details at and we’ll get it out to the fan community (given that we only do a weekly wrap-up, try to send the information at least a week in advance).

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